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  1. Happy Birthday SHANES9818!

  2. Hi there I own a black V Reg Ford Focus. Due to this website I have manage to find out what was wrong with my car. Symothoms: Stalling, Hesitation, Reving out of control, idle getting stuck. Apparently this is very common problem with the Ford Focus. How ever I now know I need to change the idle control valve which I jus brought on eBay. I was wondering if any body new of any tips for changing this part of where I could download some sort of an engine diagram fro free from. I have located it in the engine but if I had a diagram to look at I could familiar raise my self before attempting this. Also is this an easy part to change? Thanks
  3. Hi there i own a ford focus 2.0 Zetec and need to change a few things in the engine as i have a few faults but not 100 percernt where the parts are located. Idle control Valve & Throttle Position Sensor Does any one know wherei can download a diagram of the focus engine for free? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the replys. does any one know where to locate the "idle speed controlle valve" or the "throttle position sensor"? Also my car was starting to hesitate while driving before this problem, do you still think it could be either of the reasons above? thanks.
  5. I have a ford focus v reg. Today the while driving the idle got stuck at 3000 revs and wouldn't come down. i stop the car and turned the engine off. i started up the car again and with out reving the engine the idle automatical went to 3000 revs. so i put the car in gear and slowly released the cluch pedal and with out putting my foot on gas the car staring driving. Basically what i'm trying to say is if i want to drive my car i don't need to put my foot on the gas as the idle seems to be hovering around 2500 to 3500 revs. Can you help me please, thanks.
  6. SHANES9818

    Car jerking / loss of power

    Hi there I currently own a ford focus V Reg 2.0l I’ve got a problem with it at the moment and wondered if any body could help me??? While driving at times I notice the car starts to hesitate or more like start jerking, even if I’m in fifth gear. If it’s not jerking I notice a loss in power for a second or two. I know it’s to do with a sensor but I don’t know which one and where to find it. Can you advise me please? Thanks
  7. SHANES9818

    Where is the Lamba Senor Located?

    Thanks mate.
  8. Hi there I own a V reg 2.0l Ford Focus. I've got a few problems with it at the moment. One being a loss of power and hesitation when driving it. After an ECU Check it came back with one of the faults being a Lamba sensor which i guess is causing the above fault i mention. Does any one know where this located in the engine? Many thanks.
  9. Hi there i have a ford focus v reg 2.0, i had a diagnostic test done on it yesterday to try and find out why the traction control light always remains on. The guy at the garage told me it was..... not to sure how to spell it... A LAT-IT-TRAL Sensor (Lateral Sensor). He told me to bring it back next week to fix has he was busy but was unable to give me a rough ball figure on how much it would cost but said it wouldn't be cheap. Does any on know what sensor i'm talking about? is it really a big job? Thanks Edited at 9:58 Someone at work said this means your "YAW SENSOR" is that right?
  10. SHANES9818

    Interior light & side mirrors not working

    i've got a focus v reg aswell. just read from the fuse box. It should have diagrams on it to indicate which fuse is used for what. my guess is that you took out the wrong one. i would double check
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    Hi there i tried that method you gave. i heard the chime sound, did the rest after but my fob isn't working still. any other suggestions?
  12. SHANES9818


    hi sirra yankee i will give it a try. Many thanks
  13. SHANES9818


    Hi there Can any body help? my fob key no longer works for my ford focus v reg. Any clues to why or what i can try to make it work again? already change the battery Thanks
  14. Hi there i also have the same problem with my ford focus v reg. the dash board is alright but the traction light appears to be on all the time, what do you think that might be? can any one help???