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  1. Airbag Module

    Hi everyone, I have a question regarding fault airbag module in my Ford Focus (1.6. gas, 2008.) - serial number 8M5T 14B321 BE (Bosch). It cannot be repaired and I found another one with slightly different serial 8MST 14B321 BD . Should I buy it or not? Can it be installed in my Focus model and what is the difference between BE and BD exstension? Thx
  2. It happened to me twice, both times on really hot days..mechanics couldn't find what's wrong
  3. Thanks for the answer, fuel and air filters were changed about two months ago on regular service so I'll rule them out for now. Thanks for the link :) similar problems like mine..I'll check the condition of ERG valve Thanks for the suggestion..mine focus is 1.6 petrol..I'll have to find another Ford dealer in my area to run more detailed diagnostics
  4. Hi everyone, I'm experiencing strange problems with my Ford Focus 1.6. (2008). Two times this summer, when air temperatures where really high, similar problems occured. I was driving for about 10-15 mins, both times, when suddenly three gauges appeared on display (engine, battery, oil) and car began to lose power and throttle became non responsive. I had to stop the car, turn off the engine, and when I turned it on again, there were no problems and I could drive the car normally. Car is regularly serviced and I went both times to my local Ford dealer. They said that the battery / alternator is good and that car system didn't record any error. Only error exisisting from before is airbag module problem (yellow light on display), but I believe that cannot be connected with the above mentioned problem? Did anyone have similar problem? I'm starting to go crazy on this, and I can't relax while driving because I don't know when and where this problem will occur again.
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