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  1. I think they look really good, clean and simple. Does anyone know where you can find them? Thanks. http://www.fastcar.co.uk/2008/07/21/ford-fiesta-2005-font-colorff0000strongnbsp-mod-gods-approvedstrongfont/
  2. My Fiesta.

    yeah its 'spi-vision- its pretty much honeuycomb type stickers. Is M.O.T legal. however i dont think your allowed it on your reflectors.
  3. My Fiesta.

    I agree with your 2nd tip. However I dont really have the funds to get them done professionaly, I sprayed the front 2 grills to match colour of body, and i think it looks pretty smart. However sidesskirts and handles are not as easy, but might give it a shot. And as for the wheels i just sprayued them myself also, to buy 4 decent black rims is alot of money, so im thinking of spraying the full rims soon all black. Thanks for the tips mate!
  4. My Fiesta.

    Haven't got the money to spend loads on this, All together iv spent only 30 pound doing stuff to the car, most o that money on spi-vision and spray paint lol. If you could would be interested in seeing some other peoples. Give me some ideas what I can do to make car more attractive. Thanks.
  5. Ford Fiesta Mk6 Zetec TDCI

  6. How do i upload photos to a album or onto my profile?

  7. Removing Rear Wiper

    I removed my rear wiper on my Fiesta mk6, and once i finished there was a hole where the wiper should have been, you need to get a 'blanking plug' or something like that to block the hole. If this is what your on about anyway lol.
  8. I can never really afford to fill a full tank. But in my Fiesta MK6 Zetec TDCI, a tenner roughly gets me 100 miles. Which is very good in my opinion.
  9. Ok thanks for the tip, however I need to know if it comes off the same as other badges on car. Will it be a smooth paint surface after or will there be something underneath the badge if you know what i mean. Thanks
  10. Does anyone know how to remove the ford badge from back of car? Im guessing you heat up then remove? But just need to know for sure before I do it? thanks!
  11. I maanged to apply spivision to the front of the car, however there are a few creases with the headlights have bumps built into them.. the rear lights are even harder, the bottom of the rear lights is so aukward to do without creasing, anyone have the same problem?
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums pudrwc :)