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  1. Extra Noise After Wind Deflectors Installed

    Thanks for the suggestions people. I guess I will take out the clips on my side and see if that helps. Its deftinently an open window somewhere because if I turn the heating off the temperature drops quite rapidly inside the cabin.
  2. Hey people. not sure if this is already covered, i did try searching but ever since I put my Heko wind deflectors on I notice there is alot of extra "wind" noise on the driver side, i suspect the window is ever so slightly ajar as now-a-days it's freezing when i get in the car and I also sometime notice some misting going while the car is parked. I have tried moving the placement of the the metal clips but no luck. I find it really annoying, so loud in my ear that i cant hear the radio!! Is it safe to take these clips out? Any suggestions?
  3. Cree Nightmare

    Do you perhaps have a link to those CREE LED sidelights?
  4. Call Of Duty Ghosts

    Finished the campaign but unable to play online. Keep getting an error about the servers and check status on the webiste which I do and states servers are all operational! So annoying!!
  5. Call Of Duty Ghosts

    http://segmentnext.com/2013/11/05/call-of-duty-ghosts-fov-ram-fix-lag-crashes-freezes-stuttering-errors-and-fixes/ List of common faults.
  6. Call Of Duty Ghosts

    I had endless issues with the PC version, bad lag, stuttering, texture tears!! Had to get the 6GB mem ory fix, and not its a bit better.
  7. Call Of Duty Ghosts

    My copy just arrived at my desk.
  8. Map Lights Not Working

    They are bayonette type, "wings" on the sides.
  9. Map Lights Not Working

    I recently bought one of these : and installed it into my Focus Mk2.5. I thought these were plug and play!? The center light works fine, but neither of the 2 map lights work. I did change the bulbs to LED bulbs, surely they cant both be broken! I have not tested with the original bulbs, is there any other snap on part I need?
  10. Hyrule's Build Thread

    Hust ordered some deflectors! On special too!
  11. Hyrule's Build Thread

    Are those Hekos, genuine? Seem a bit ont eh cheap side. I assume I can get them if they are for my mk2.5?
  12. Hyrule's Build Thread

    WTF, my Osram nightbreaker bulbs are not nealry as bright as yours!! Soz about your reverse light! Sounds dodge to me.
  13. Focus Mk2.5 Audio Upgrade Options?

    May just forgo the aftermarket unit and go for a single din radio instead. Anyone know of any adapter kits that would work in my mk2.5? Would any of these be right? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Connects2-Single-DIN-Facia-Stereo-Adaptor-Black-For-Ford-CT24FD15-/221081551634?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item33797cc312 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Focus-Single-Din-Fascia-Panel-Steering-Wheel-Stalk-Adaptor-Car-Stereo-Kit-/350875987001?pt=UK_Cars_Parts_Vehicles_Terminals_Cabling_ET&hash=item51b1d6ac39
  14. Mk 2.5 Bonnet Heat Shield

    I dont have one either....would like one though! :)
  15. Thanks Barnet Council For My Scratches!

    I seriously doubt it because all our neighbors that i know go to work during the day. I can check with the dude upstairs, but I think it's wishful thinking.