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  1. Thanks, doesn't seem like it affected your fuel economy. At least not to a noticeable level. I don't like the look of the new Ford Fiesta Red & Black Editions, so I'll see what Mountune are offering towards the end of the year and will probably get their upgrades.
  2. Cheers. I'll have to ask Ford what they think as my Finance is with them, and got to decide whether it's worth the money if I may trade in at the end. But to be honest I'll probably keep it and would rather sell it privately for more dosh. How has it affected your fuel economy? Thanks
  3. I've had my Fiesta now since October and I'm really tempted with the Mountune upgrade. Mainly because I am on the options finance plan and wouldn't want to void my warranty. I was just wondering if Ford mind Ford approved updates when you're on Finance, as long as you tell them? I'd ideally like to get this done when my Ford goes in for a service in October so it saves my driving to Essex to see Mountune. Also, do you get a Mountune Performance badge or do you have to buy one yourself? Thanks!
  4. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    Thanks for all the help guys, ordered mine now. I paid the deposit I wanted for payments a bit lower than I wanted so happy. Gone with: Panther Black 17" Alloys Privacy glass City Pack DAB Radio I test drove a Titanium with the 125PS Ecoboost engine, I LOVE the engine. It's so much faster than my car currently. I love the tiny bit of turbo lag. It's the right amount that it's not annoying and just awesome. Really sounds great as it gains speed. Just got to wait for news on it's delivery now.
  5. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    Cheers guys. I've going to my dealership Saturday and have booked a test drive. I'll see what I can get for my car, what I can get off the price, or what extras I can get thrown in.
  6. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    No that's a great help. I just sent in my request for a test drive so I can go and get some numbers crunched. Still no one has said how much they actually got the vehicle for, or financed the vehicle for? How much room for haggling did you guys have if buying on finance? Cheers :-)
  7. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    I think I'm going for black. My Fiesta now is black and I just like black cars, but I'll take a look at the colours at the dealership as you never know until you see them in person. I believe heated front windscreens are standard now. I want my days of scrapping ice off my car to be over. I think it's only six speaker over here in regards to the Sony sound system. I think DAB is for me but not the satnav option, it's an extra £500 and for when I actually need a satnav my £100 tomtom does the job. Are heated/electric foldable wing mirrors worth the cost and puddle lamps? I think maybe I am struggling with the concept as it's summer but give it a few months I'll want them on my car! I have a short commute so having a car I can get ready to drive with minimal effort is a must. Last winter it sometimes took me longer for me to get it in a position I can drive it with good visibility than it did the actual drive to work :-| Read lots of reviews about the car needing 6 speed and that the long gears don't help it pull but doubt I'll notice going from a 74hp 8 year old Fiesta ^_^ . Will be nice to have something which can accelerate up hills.
  8. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    Hello everyone, this is my first post asking for advice but this seems like the place to do it. Looks like a great forum with helpful users. After rocking my 1.25l Fiesta Zetec since I passed my test 3 years ago I am now in the position financially to upgrade. I really want a Zetec S. Well ideally I'd like an ST but do need to save money for other things, maybe in a few years! My main question is; how long is it taking for cars to arrive? I have read the entire thread and see various times for delivery from a week to a few months. My insurance runs out on my current car beginning of October so it's probably best I go to a dealership next week and see what is what. I'd also like opinions on what extras to get? I 100% want to have 17" alloys, privacy glass, DAB radio. What about EATC and the city pack? And they worth the cost? Things like automatic wipers I figure I can do myself when it rains and not worried about keyless entry. Opinions are welcome though. Finally, I plan to go on finance with the options plan. I have my car to trade and savings so will probably pay the max deposit. How much were you able to get off the list price of the vehicle? Thank you for all your help, can't wait to join the Fiesta S club, just wish they still put the badge on the car :-(.
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums Michael Man :)