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  1. Hi Dan I have been round this very topic for my own 2009 titanium. It is confusing to say the least, but the topic has been covered in detail on this forum. Basically after I had bought the USB socket and cable from my local dealer it still wouldn't work. The key before you do anything is to take the glovebox out and note down or photograph the Bluetooth module. There is a list of modules and part numbers on this forum that tell exactly what the module can do. For instance my module will not drive a USB port. The cable I bought from the dealer plugs into the Bluetooth module. Mine has no plug for this cable to mate with. Sorry if this is old news now. But don't buy anything till you know the Bluetooth module part number. David
  2. Hi everyone. Just joined the forum and seen this topic. I know it's a bit old now, but the suggested fix seems inconclusive I have a 2009 titanium with sony DAB/6 CD WITH 3.5mm jack plug AUX INPUT,but no USB. I have purchased the USB port and bezel following the advice in this thread. I have removed my glovebox and found the 6 pin connector with 3 wires in it that is talked about. My questions are 1. Is there a 6pin block connector to USB available from anywhere? 2. Where can I get one? 3. There is no blank in the glovebox to cut out for the USB bezel. Should there be? Kind regards David
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Tomsdad :)