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  1. Don't forget, this won't fit the prefacelift Focus. To stop the Amber turn signal, don't connect that wire. Easier job to do I belive if you take the front bumper off
  2. Cheers for the photos, also was great meeting up, and having such a good little drive. Never been that side of Poole! !Removed! cold though. Look forward to the next meet.
  3. I'll be there... also bringing Kelvinlegod7 (focusSToc.com) along from Weymouth
  4. Focus Mk2.5 Drl Lights Ebay.

    Has anyone managed to fit the fog light integrated drls to a mk2?? Sent from my GT-I9100 using Ford OC mobile app
  5. Should be back on 29th so will be up for for this. Le me know time and place. Apparently there is a meet that takes place in Bournemouth at the John Lewis car park? Met a guy in an ST500 who didn't know much details
  6. Hey James, sounds great. Thanks for the nod, unfortunately I am out out the country until 29th Oct. Please let us know how this goes and look forward to the next event. Cheers. Julz
  7. Bournemouth/dorset Meet?

    Yeah, I'm more still up for that. What news do you have? I don't mind organising a small pub meet or something. Where abouts are you?
  8. Bournemouth/dorset Meet?

    Anyone know or part of a regular local meet? Went to Ford Fair last weekend at Silverstone and it was great day out.
  9. Greetings From Bournemouth!

    Charminster, and you?
  10. Greetings From Bournemouth!

    Thanks all! Are there any meets in the local Dorset area?
  11. Greetings From Bournemouth!

    Thanks :-)
  12. Hi All, I'm Julz from Bournemouth, 29, project manager by day, dj by night. Picked up a 2007 Focus ST3 in Performance Blue couple of weeks ago, and I absolutely love it (upgraded from 2005 Nighthawk Black 1.6 EP2 Civic Sport). Already added window tints, Team HEKO Wind Deflectors, upgraded various interior lamps to LED (smds), next planning/saving for Milltek catback non-res exhaust and some kind of induction kit, advice of which I shall be looking for on here! Also have introduced myself over at www.STdriveRS.co.uk Anyone else local in Poole/Bournemouth/Dorset area?
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums josingh20 :)

    1. josingh20


      Thanks Steve!