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  1. Two problems

    If it's smoking an hour and a half into a journey, that eliminates the possibility of it being condensation. Get that boost pipe sorted and keep an eye on the smoke after that 👍
  2. 2009 1.6TI idle issues

    Had a play last night after work, smoke tested all OK. Noticed the MAF sensor looking a little dirty, so pulled that out and cleaned all the gunk off it. Ran it up and touch wood so far seems fine! Will be tested from cold this evening. Depending what it's like the evening may try the hard reset route, is there a specific drive cycle that's known to be best for them?
  3. 2009 1.6TI idle issues

    It doesn't sound like a diesel, just fluctuating idle. At least I'm hoping it's not the VCT! Relatively confident it's not an air leak, had a good look over last night before giving up and taking a corsa home. Had a can of brake cleaner over all the air pipes I could see, engine didn't pick up on it at all. May be smoke testing it tonight.
  4. Two problems

    That split pipe looks like a boost pipe, can you take an overview photo of the engine bay highlighting where the pipe is? A boost leak can cause smoke, generally it's black rather than white though. May have just been condensation in the exhaust system. As for the starting, just because the car unlocks doesn't mean the battery has the juice in it to spin an engine over. Is there an audible click from the engine bay when trying to start?
  5. 2009 1.6TI idle issues

    Evening all! Bit of advice required before I go diving into diagnosis tomorrow. My 1.6ti started this morning (cold) with a rough idle, needle on dash fluctuating. Got to work, came off the throttle to swing around and the engine cut out. Left it till tonight, started again and engine idle fluctuates between 800-500RPM. Once warm, idle would sometimes sit at about 1000rpm, then fluctuate again. Accelerated into workshop, struggles to pick up initially, but ok after, then after coming off throttle vehicle idle goes all Pete tong again very nearly cutting out, recovering and repeats. I know coil pack and leads are a weak point - for those in the know, is this a symptom of failure of these? Particularly fustrating having only just fitted some pilot sport 4s to have a play with!! Thanks in advance! Matt
  6. My Focus Zetec S...

    Car looks awesome, Have always loved those wheels! Mind if I ask where you got your rear plate bulbs from? lost count of how many cheapo leds ive got through because of failure/dodgy connections!
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Mattw :)