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  1. Stupid Question Time - Windscreen Wipers

    The bit of plastic that I've removed in the second picture is only held in place by the metal pin shown if that's what you mean.
  2. Hi, my current wipers are leaving smears across the windscreen so I purchased some Bosch Aerotwin A310S blades as they appeared to fit my 2010 C-Max. I've gone to replace them and run into a problem so wondered if anyone could help. The car has a sidelock fitting and the Bosch website states that the A310S blades come pre-assembled with a "multi-clip adaptor" that is compatible with this fitting, the problem is that I can't work out how to get them to fit. Has anybody got any experience of these blades (or the Aerotwin range) who can offer an idiots guide on how to fit them please? I've attached two pictures as well, one shows the adaptor as it comes out of the box and the second is with the casing removed (if that makes sense). Many thanks in advance.
  3. Help - Which C-Max To Buy?

    I went for the silver one. The lower mileage swayed me in the end. Hopefully I'll be picking it up next weekend and can start getting used to the height of the seats and the gear stick placement.
  4. Help - Which C-Max To Buy?

    The link didn't work so these are the two 1.8s I'm looking at. http://www.motorparks.co.uk/used-car-details/?orderby=7&perpage=1&makeSB=Ford&minpriceSB=8000&maxpriceSB=11000&postcodeSB=Ct9+1tj&regno=WP59WLE http://www.motorparks.co.uk/used-car-details/?orderby=7&perpage=1&makeSB=Ford&minpriceSB=8000&maxpriceSB=11000&postcodeSB=Ct9+1tj&page=3&regno=GL10AOK
  5. Help - Which C-Max To Buy?

    No it's the top three on this link, the last one caught my eye simply because of the really low mileage. (Hopefully the link will work) http://www.motorparks.co.uk/used-cars/?category=My+Collection
  6. Help - Which C-Max To Buy?

    Invicta Motors in Broadstairs. They've got a few dealerships dotted around but have quite a few c-Max's there.
  7. Help - Which C-Max To Buy?

    Thanks for the advice. We're looking at buying from the local Ford dealer so I'll definitely knock them down a bit and get a few bits thrown in such as the isofix points fitted as the new reg plates are out next month. I'm definitely leaning towards the 1.8 now as the mpg seems much better plus it has that little extra oomph.
  8. Help - Which C-Max To Buy?

    Hopefully I've posted this in the right place and someone can give me some advice. I'm looking to upgrade from a 54 reg Golf SDI to a 2010 reg C-max but am unsure of which of the following three cars to go for. My current Golf is a little lethargic so any C-max will be an improvement on it for speed. There are two 1.6 petrol zetecs which are identical with the exeption of mileage. One has done 45,000 miles and is for sale at £8k and the other is up for £9k having done 10,000 miles. The other car is a 1.8TDCi Titanium which has done 68,000 miles and they want £9k for it. The upgrade to the Titanium doesn't really sway me as I don't necesarily require the quickclear windscreen etc but I don't know if I should be completely avoiding any specific engine or if the diesel is much more efficient in the real world. Thanks for any help that can be offered.
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums briantopp :)