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  1. Torque Vehicle Test

    Hey guys run a vehicle test with by OBD reader and it flagged one result as not ok MID: $02 TID: $91 O2 BANK 1 SENSOR 2 MIN: 0.049V MAX: 7.995V CURRENT: 0V Also found some uncleared error codes in the ECU such as one just saying body? No idea what is meant by this and the other seems an old code saying theft detected engine disabled.
  2. Zetec Climate Mpg

    Just checked the service book, it seems the last owner could be bothered to get to get it serviced at all, as a matter of speaking, they hardly drove the car, last service was in December 2010, the mileage is only 12k more than it was when it last had the service so will be booking it in for a full service at the end of the month had an inspection carried out by Ford last week when I took it in to get a new key programmed and everything came back fine. Should it go to a main dealer or would I be better off going to a local garage? If I am going to be getting it serviced I prefer it to be done right, the car is a beaut to drive hoping to keep it for a good few years to come.
  3. Zetec Climate Mpg

    I regularly reset it on every two fill-ups, the Instant MPG is normally in the 30-80s, depending on acceleration. I will check the service book tomorrow to see if it is due one. Think I read somewhere that Ford over exaggerates a bit on the achievable MPG and the Zetec Climate (Auto) can get up to 32MPG (which is under what ford says I believe) Also, I read up that there are two versions of the Zetec Climate (Auto) 5-door, in terms of power its not a significant margin, but how do I tell which one it is I have exactly? (Think with the 0-60 there was a 2s difference) and about a 10bhp
  4. Zetec Climate Mpg

    Hi thank you :) At the moment we are in the middle of house moves so we are doing a lot of short trips <2m between engine start-stop, was getting 31MPG with the Clio. Most of the driving is done on local residential and to out-of town retail parks. I have never been one for getting great MPG, the best I got out of my Clio was about 36MPG but I never/rarely done any motorway driving on that. I was expecting high 20s at least with the automatic, wasn't expecting it to stay so low. I don't think my model comes with Sports mode, nothing visible or indicates that it is activated anyway.
  5. Zetec Climate Mpg

    Hey all, new Ford owner here. I bought a 57 Plate Zetec Climate the other week and I have been getting extremely poor MPG (20.5MPG with normal driving) and 22MPG tops with granny-style driving. The car is a 1.6 Petrol, I was expecting to get some poor MPG while I got used to the car (I previously had a 1.2 Clio) which was a Manual car, the focus is a Automatic, but I like to think I have got to know the car better now and still getting the poor MPG. Any suggestions?
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Nicky Swans :)