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  1. Thank you for all your emails and, in particular, madmole, as his explained how I could help someone to jump start their flat battery even though I cannot get a jump lead clamp on my negative terminal. I think this solves this unusual problem. Incidentally my daughter has a series one Ford Focus and the battery in that is quite accessible, including both terminals.
  2. Thank you all for your emails and suggestions. The way to do it is clear if it is my battery which is dead the problem is if I want to help someone else. In this case I cannot connect my jump lead clamp to my negative terminal due to the bulkhead. So how should the connections be made?
  3. Thank you for your emails. I am still unsure about the black lead connections when my battery is good and I am wanting to jump start another car with a dead battery. The difficulty, if it is a difficulty, is that I cannot connect my black lead clamp to my battery terminal. So what are the connections for the black lead from my good battery to the dead battery. Can it be earth to earth or something else?
  4. Hello Could someone please advise me on the correct use of the black jumper leads for a jump start. If my car is being started I understand the black lead is connected to the negative terminal of the donor car and then to the earth terminal on my car which is just to the right of the battery. However if I am to assist someone else do I connect my black lead to the same earth terminal and then to an engine part of the car being assisted as I can't fix a crocodile clip on my earth battery terminal as there isn't enough room above it?