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  1. Ecoboost 1.0 125ps

    Hi there has anyone had a problem with there focus yet in terms of a metal clicking noise when the engine is under pressure i.e in gear 6 at 2000 revs
  2. Focus 1.6 ecoboost

    Hi there ive got a 2011 plate focus 1.6 ecoboost ive just noticed a clicking noise when accelerating past 1500 revs also when the engine is under pressure theres a metal rattling noise coming from the engine any help would be appreiated thanks
  3. Alloy wheels

    Hi there has anybody got any upgraded alloy wheels 5x108 like the zetec s alloys for my mk3 focus 2011 or some other alloys
  4. Sluggish performance new focus

    Ive got the 1.6 scti 150 bhp and she flys im going to put a performance back box on knair filter and a stage 1 map should be good for 220 bhp then
  5. Upgraded For Speakers

    Focus 2011 Hi there has anybody upgraded there door speakers on the focus if so could you tell me some info in terms of what to do with the adaptor that fits to the old ones
  6. Focus Zetec S 180 V's Fiesta St 180

    Celtic tuning take it to 215 bhp because in effect its a 180 bhp engine but de tuned
  7. Focus Zetec S 180 V's Fiesta St 180

    Yhh i presume so as there both 6 speed boxed the st might boost a little bit higher than the focus
  8. Focus Zetec S 180 V's Fiesta St 180

    The focus 150 ps is the same engine as the fiesta st but its detuned to 150 and with a stage 1 map you can have these tuned to 215 bhp but technically its only like 35bhp increase as its the detuned 180 also your torque goes up to 340
  9. Remap

    Focus 1.6scti 150 bhp Hi has anybody has a stage 1 remap on there focus ive been quoted 250 it will take it to 215bhp with 340 pound of torque
  10. Fiesta Mk 8 Wooing Noise

    2013 mate
  11. Fiesta Mk 8 Wooing Noise

    What you mean
  12. Fiesta Mk 8 Wooing Noise

    Hi there when i slow down ive got a wooing noise coming from the drivers side rear wheel anybody know why
  13. Focus 1.6 Scti

    Hi there i was thinking about replacing my standard air filter with a pipercross or knair filter any ideas
  14. Faults

    Ok mate what about the knocking
  15. Faults

    No 11 plate and i am going to just wanted a 2nd opinion