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  1. Happy Birthday Oli Wilkinson!

  2. Oli Wilkinson

    Xenon H7 Bulbs Mk7.5

    I don't know there off eBay about £60 and they are 6000k lovely and white with a tint of purple at the top. I wouldn't change anything if you don't have a protector lens or you will just blind everyone and annoy the cops
  3. Oli Wilkinson

    Xenon H7 Bulbs Mk7.5

    If I was you I would just wait until you get HIDs I spent loads on bulbs and they never really worked so I bought some HIDs and ive never looked back
  4. Is anyone planning on going to the fordmeet in Leeds on the 29th of September there Facebook is squires end of season ford meet. See you there!
  5. Oli Wilkinson

    Ipod Mini Install

    I have a ford fiesta mk7, I've been to quite a few shows and seen iPads installed into dash boards but I've never seen one in a fiesta. So I've been thinking about putting one in mine but I want Ito I can't remove my iPod and use it out of the car. So what I plan todo is to buy a cheap'ish head unit and putting it in the place of the old head unit and making a new dash and placing the head unit behind the iPad so that when the iPad isn't in I can still use the radio but then the iPad is in I can control the volume wish the iPad since I can connect it thought Bluetooth so I don't have to have a cable running into the iPad so it all looks neat. I'm just wondering if they know of any other and or better ways of doing this. Thanks Oli
  6. Oli Wilkinson

    Ipad & Fiesta

    I have a ford fiesta mk7 and an iPod mini and an iPhone I have them both on Bluetooth and USB and they working fine all the mulity functions work perfect
  7. Oli Wilkinson

    Side stripes and RS wheels

  8. Oli Wilkinson

    The fog lights LED

  9. Oli Wilkinson

    The front of "Max"

  10. Oli Wilkinson

    Trax Show Sunday 8Th September.

    I think i might be going but ill be heading down from sheffield
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums Oli Wilkinson :)