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  1. cheers mate thats a great help!!!!
  2. hey guys my drivers side door wont open from the outside using the key but it will open from the inside using the handle the handle on the inside is always in the locked position (just like you'd lock it from the inside) and you have to pull it really hard to open the door any ideas? will this be expensive?
  3. newbie needs help please

    awesome cheers bro' il try that when i get chance like i said i just bought the thing an i dont fancy destroying the front end already
  4. hi guys went to open my bonnet with the lever under the steering wheel column and heard a snapping of the bonnet release cable anyone know how to open the bonnet of the KA without destroying the front grill? cheers
  5. Ka Performance!

    0-60 is irrelevant in a ka, you aint winning any races with it standard ford alloys will set you back bout £100 off ebay handbrake does what it needs to do i guess and as for aftermarket rear headlights i dont think is possible to buy none tacky ones at the end of the day its a KA, you wont look cool and i suggest you save the money
  6. rear knocking

    hey anyone know why you could get a knocking sound from the rear at low speed? just been through an MOT and nothing was flagged or mentioned
  7. ok long story short water pump failure led the car to overheat and blew a gasket. Changed the water pump, gave it new cam belt kit, new head gasket, head skimmed, all values changed and was running fine for a few weeks until it started to lose power occasionally. It still starts BUT when it hovers at 1000 rpm in first gear the whole car shakes something awful, rev it to 2000 rpm its fine, but at 3000 rpm (still in first) it makes a metallic grinding noise then goes to cut out and die anyone know any reasons about what the problem could be???
  8. My Escort

    My pride and Joy