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  1. Very Clean & Well kept Vehicle, has a full service history with log book, MOT's and minor works over the years. Full set of keys and current MOT till September 2016. Sorry would have uploaded my pictures of it here but the file sizes were too large so if its ok im going to leave my gumtree link with all the pictures on there if anyone's interested. Current asking price is £495 though i am flexible to sensible offers within reason. D
  2. Does anybody know where i can find a back board for a Ford Focus Zetec Hatchback 2011 build? I have searched around Google etc and I'm coming up with nothing at all! Am I looking in the wrong places? Is it even known as a backboard!? Any help would be very much appreciated! D.
  3. OK I tapped into the rear speakers via the RCA converter and that's worked a charm so far. Tomorrow I'm on a mission to grab myself a decent switch to control the amp's power on/off. It was actually far easier than expected. I will update this post later on to better clarify the process for anyone else going through this.
  4. Thanks for the reply, I'm no expert but where does the RCA converter attach? There is nothing to work with behind the CD player here. EDIT: I have read that i need to cut into the Left and Right speakers from the main head unit in order to bring them to the converter. Hoping its that simple, Any insight into that? I'm going to buy an RCA converter anyway.
  5. Hello all I'm new here and any assistance would be much appreciated if possible. I have a Ford focus 2012 model with the Standard head unit sound system and I'm trying to install this Sub. If its impossible then I have a reasonable budget to mod things up. The Unit Side of the Sub Current Head unit Behind the head unit Rear Wiring Behind the CD Player Battery Cables i have to hand Power sockets in the boot These are a few pictures i took to better explain whats happening inside the car, Im familiar with how to wire everything up but i have been told by a mate that it MIGHT NOT be possible to install this without an RCA converter.
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums CyborgD :)