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  1. Check my topic out :-(

  2. My Car Is Dieing I Think Plz Advice Me !!

    I have now bought my car to ford garage, away from original garage but he wouldnt release my keys until I paid the bill, was told couldn't have old egr back he sent it back to ford as there is a surcharge if he doesn't. When I picked it up I did drive it to new garage at less than 20mph but got there eventually still with original fault, missing and juddering like its very low on fuel or something. Just waiting for ford to let me know the bad news tomorrow. If its to much going to sell to scrap yard as it won't be worth fixing at this rate, if I do get rid anyone know of any good scrappys that will give me a good price .
  3. My Car Is Dieing I Think Plz Advice Me !!

    Thank u for your advice and hopefully someone may know what's going but thanks anyway
  4. My Car Is Dieing I Think Plz Advice Me !!

    He has put it on diagnostics £65.00 then replaced egr valve and total is £367.00 Now saying he needs 8 hours to check wiring on all sensors at £45.00 an hour, £100 to disconnect CPU to send away for testing which is priced separate for sending away ish figure of £60 +vat And or new CPU between £600 - £800 and all that is excluding vat Has anyone got any idea what's going on with my car And also can u get a second hand CPU reprogrammed for my car or has it gotta b a new CPU
  5. My Car Is Dieing I Think Plz Advice Me !!

    Have u got any idea what's going on with my car is it a CPU malfunction or something else
  6. Plz look at my topic forum need help plz

  7. My Car Is Dieing I Think Plz Advice Me !!

    U got any ideas what's happening with my car as he's only on about £1300 + vat and that's not including what I owe him now
  8. My Car Is Dieing I Think Plz Advice Me !!

    He told me yesterday he connected to diagnostics and it came up with (1) turbo under boost, (2) mass airflow sensor lower than expected and (3) egr malfunction exhaust valve I have asked him about it today and he said before he went out nothing was on diagnostics then after he took it for 22 mile test drive and with it cutting out and not starting he put it back on diagnostics it came up with that. And questioned him about exhaust value and said now its on and he's had it from ford I have got to pay him for the work done but I'm a little angry and feel ripped off. As still without car
  9. Plz help if u can My car starting holding back with power, then stopped to swop drivers then wouldn't start, breakdown came out and towed to garage. Garage has had it since Saturday, mechanic said showing faults with exhaust value so that's been replaced and £367.00 later he took out for a test drive of 22 miles no problem until he stopped at garage now won't start again he connected it to diagnostics again and has came up (1) throttle value sensor, (2) coolant temperature sensor, (3) fuel temperature sensor (4) camshaft sensor (5) crankshaft sensor (5) charged air sensor (6) boost pressure sensor (7) rail pressure sensor He is now saying he needs 8 hours labour to check wiring, maybe sending CPU away for testing and to changing to new CPU as he THINKS its faulty plz help me if u can
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums Lyndsay :)