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  1. Happy Birthday Tuggers!

  2. Lowering Springs On Tdci Focus

    ok cheers guys
  3. Lowering Springs On Tdci Focus

    so would you advised not putting petrol springs on then
  4. hi there my tdci is ready for some new springs and i plan to drop some lowering springs on to it can anyone tell me the difference between petrol & diesel springs as i can get a set of sparco's for petrol model £80 compared to Diesel springs at £145 pretty big difference if you could help me out people that would be great all i really want to know is whats the difference between the two and if petrol lowering springs will work better than original as there roughly same price
  5. Running Temp On Gauge

    Just always drove petrols you see But all seems ok But thanks you guys are the dons Sent from my Nexus 5 using Ford OC mobile app
  6. Running Temp On Gauge

    Been on a big drive today and temp gauge has just sat in the middle and not moved fan kicked in when I got home seems to working fine thanks for all advice you all top lads Sent from my Nexus 5 using Ford OC mobile app
  7. Running Temp On Gauge

    Thanks for that but I when should the fan kick in as I haven't heard it kick in but I'll just monitor the gauge and if it gets near the red then I take it thermostat is broken Sent from my Nexus 5 using Ford OC mobile app
  8. Running Temp On Gauge

    Hey Guys, I know this may sound stupid but ive just started driving a MK1 Focus TDCI and the car drives spot on only when driving it the temp needle will go up to half way when giving it a bit of stick and then when doing 40-50 it will go back down again to just above the white square could someone please tell me where normal running temp is on the gauge as the fan isnt kicking in and the needle is about half way on the gauge im worried that when ive got to drive it to london its gunna get hot and may overheat and i would like to avoid having to do the head gasket due to it overheating its fine when driving around town as it barely gets above the white square but blowers do bolw warm when the needle is there sorry to sound a thick Thanks
  9. Focus Mk1 Tdci

    hi there everyone i have a focus mk1 TDCI and when ever i turn the ignition on the dash keeps flashing TEST dose this mean the car needs a service or is there away i can stop it from doing this many thanks Tuggers
  10. 02 Focus Tdci Starting Issue

    hi alz just in process of doing that very thing my mother in law has AA home start, and is going to get them to come and have a look and diagnose it for me but i will try the easy start to try rule diesel pump out......... i don't think it is the diesel pump tho but i could be wrong as it is getting fuel and dose fire but dies straight away after AA have been out i will update the post with the results of their diagnosis so if other people have the same issue we can advise them of what the cause is thanks for the reply you have been most helpful all the best mushy pea DJ
  11. hi there i recently brought a focus TDCI and im having issues getting to run it will start but cuts out the second it dose i know the car is getting fuel and the car was recently serviced so im told but fuel filter and air filter look brand new just wondering if anybody has had this problem and if so what they did to fix it thanks look forward to hearing your comments
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums Tuggers :)