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  1. Are you meant to get Live Traffic free for a year? Mine says Active but the expiration date is the day I collected the car. Connected Nav says Activation Pending
  2. I've scuffed one of mine also - haven't looked into a repair as yet
  3. Thank you. Just hope I don't have to transport the mother before then - that will be a fiasco and a half 🙂
  4. Last night my passenger seat belt receiver jammed, was showing up on dash as green when it wasn't even in and then came up with a red exclamation mark. I've booked it in to service centre for first available date on 29th May. In the meantime could I try using WD40 or just leave well alone? It goes in with a bit of effort but not ideal.
  5. I've had a policy with Admiral before - didn't have to use them though. I tend to shop around every year and use Quidco cashback. I'm with Aviva this year.
  6. I'll try that - that's one of the bits from google I couldn't work out how to do!
  7. Have tried all of above, initially thought it was the cheap cable, changed to Apple cable - same thing happened. Now using an Anker MFi certified cable. Assume Sync3 is up to date as car is fairly new and connected for auto updates. Cleaned the phone, checked for 'fluff' Turned off an on again all the settings on the phone.
  8. I'm having issues with my CarPlay. It keeps disconnecting after about 15 minutes. Tried 3 different cables and all are charging the phone. Followed through some advice on Google and took it for a drive on Saturday - seemed ok but not overly confident
  9. You'd assume it must be soon as the last one being built is June
  10. I replaced the battery on my last Fiesta at around 7 or 8 years. The stop/start hadn't worked for ages, but servicing garage said battery was fine. Then the heated rear and front screens stopped working. New battery sorted it all
  11. I get those no problem, just thought it was some non Carplay apps
  12. What sort of apps are you looking for? I don't have any on mine (only had it 2 weeks)
  13. I just got front floor mats which was the spec for the st-line. Should have taken the rear mats out my titanium, they were like brand new.
  14. I saw that on their FB page about 24hr test drive. I really like the Puma, and it has a better spec than the Fiesta (all be it more expensive) I pondered it when Fiesta delivery date kept being pushed back but I didn't need that size of car. Let us know what you think of it
  15. Thanks for the info, I’ll do that
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