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  1. I've got the facelift fiesta, to re-set the mpg do as iNath said
  2. Well, I took everything out .... just collected the car and it has a spare wheel, now I have 2!! Bf says I should just take the old one back and say he removed it - awkward!
  3. Sorry, I'm not explaining myself properly, I've taken the tyre out my current car, and under that wheel there is a foam piece with the tools in it - do I take the whole thing out before I get the new car or do I just take the tools out of it?
  4. Sorry if I'm sounding stupid - the spare wheel fits over the polystyrene thingy, so I take all that out? I'm getting the Titanium 1.0l 125ps. The one in my pic is my first Fez, currently have a 1.6 Titanium, love it to bits so I hope the new one won't disappoint. Dealers are being a proper pain, I'm meant to be picking it up tomorrow but there's an issue with the Insurance and despite hassling them I still haven't got an answer. My salesman was brilliant but he's off on paternity leave and no one else seems to care as obviously not their deal!!
  5. Mick, there is a grey coloured polystyrene thing in the well, with I assume are the tools in it - should I take all that out? How are you liking the ecoboost engine?
  6. Thank you, I thought that too. Okay next question then..... If you get the foam, is the space in the boot completely empty, or is the tool pack still there? I've taken my spare wheel out but wonder if I need to take the tools out too
  7. This is going to sound like a really silly question but here goes: I am (hopefully) picking up my new Fiesta tomorrow. Ford etis says "with spare steel wheel" I didn't request one and I haven't been charged for one, is it safe to assume I will get the spare wheel? (Otherwise I'm keeping the spare wheel from my current car)
  8. You just beat me to it! Mine seems to have updated and is displaying the track names, just need a decent length drive to ensure it doesn't drop like before (March 11 titanium, sony head unit and iPhone 4S)
  9. I'm sure someone on the Apple site had the same story as Mark - no updates yet, come back in six months. Maybe Apple will put in a fix
  10. I've got the Sony head unit in a March 2011 titanium. I don't think I'd have any joy asking the dealer to update the software. I asked them to do that at my first service for my previous Zetec and they said they didn't know what I was talking about. Back to using the cables I think
  11. I got the 4S, no track names were displayed, then after a few songs it came up error reading device and wouldn't play anymore
  12. They did say 'fresh' wax, so perhaps they assumed it was going on straight after as opposed to waiting a few hours
  13. I never got above 40mpg in my 1.25. Usually did town driving and was always around 30. Got above that on out of town drives. My 1.6 is more economical than the 1.25
  14. I have sensors on mine and they don't beep when selecting reverse (11 plate Titanium)
  15. From memory only, I think you go into the phone menu and there is a connect phone option
  16. Thanks Dan - still browse, just don't post much anymore.
  17. Good luck Dan - have a brilliant day
  18. Previously had a Hot Magenta Zetec and now have a Frozen White Titanium. HM didn't need cleaned as often as the white, but when the white is clean it is stunning. Agree with Dan, proper protection and shampoo beats the bugs and not so much a prob with swirls
  19. Motocross - I see you are in Edinburgh, where did you buy it from? I got my new one 4 March this year, I ordered it around the end of January. It was a factory order, White titanium, 1.6, keyless, body kit and reverse parking sensors. The build date was originally the 11 February which then changed to around 20th or so (That's my old one in the pic!)
  20. I have the Lockwood ones with no branding - really just there for protection and so much cheaper
  21. I thought you were buying a titanium? They come as standard
  22. I've not checked under the bonnet of my new car, wonder if I have an engine cover?
  23. One Land Rover and my own new Titanium :P
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    Agree with Keith - just keep it on all the time!