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  1. Mondeo 2L Tdci Fault - Help!

    I rarely buy low mileage cars, with or without service history. Cars that have been pilotted up and down motorways with higher miles have usually had less stresses than their low mileage counterparts. I once bought a car with 249,000 miles on it, that one lasted me 4 years too, lol. I've never understood the mentality that we should buy a car that hasn't been used for the things it was designed for. These things are built to cruise at speed and a lot more comfortably than their German cousins and with a much less wallet pounding price, lol. You know Mondeos of this age all have timing chains, not belts. Reasonable maintenance and they are good for many more miles than mine.
  2. Mondeo 2L Tdci Fault - Help!

    Not many, but it's approaching 200,000 and I'm not scared to use it. :-) The problem with any car is, if its owner doesn't look after it, it'll likely become unreliable. I don't mean it's your fault, more likely the previous owner.
  3. Mondeo 2L Tdci Fault - Help!

    I've had this one for 5 years, my previous one for 4 years and my next will be another one. Best car for the money in it's class.
  4. Mondeo 2L Tdci Fault - Help!

    I have a fault reader, if you wish and haven't sold it yet, I don't mind the short drive over there to have a look at it for you. And the offer has no bearing on your wheels, lol. It doesn't sound like 'Limp mode' because you could still drive it, albeit below 50. Just let me know if you want a hand, Mondys are generally great cars and I have no problem giving assistance when and where I can. :-)
  5. 2.0 Tddi Running Rough

    I'm liking that you came back on here and gave a completed feedback. Many don't.
  6. Mondeo 2L Tdci Fault - Help!

    No problem :-)
  7. Mondeo 2L Tdci Fault - Help!

    Right then, just got off the phone, the prices are as follows... Upto 18" £150 per set of four 19" and above is £175 If you want chrome effect add £10 per wheel. All work includes repair and powder coating. If you only want half the set done, split the price, lol Generally speaking depending where you are the price would usually include removal and refitting and obviously collection :-D However he says if you are outside of his typical area, he would arrange a deal on the price with you directly. I hope this helps, if you want his details let me know. :-)
  8. Mondeo 2L Tdci Fault - Help!

    I've dropped him a message, as soon as I know, I'll let you know :-)
  9. 2.0 Tddi Running Rough

    I've just ordered a new lift pump from Latvia roughly £40
  10. Mondeo 2L Tdci Fault - Help!

    As for the wheels, as you are in Lancashire, a friend of mine does wheel refurbs in and around the Preston area if that is any help? Personally, I fitted a set of Jaguar alloys to mine, which required a full set of different wheel nuts as the mounting holes have squared seats and fords are tapered, Mitsibishi ones work fine :D
  11. 2.0 Tddi Running Rough

    The pump is just that, a pump, its the silver box piggybacked onto it that is the coded electrical gubbins ;-) Why is it always so difficult to post photos on forums? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151586819032308&set=a.10151586818867308.1073741828.639487307&type=3&src=https%3A%2F%2Ffbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net%2Fhphotos-ak-prn2%2F1147763_10151586819032308_195764625_o.jpg&smallsrc=https%3A%2F%2Ffbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net%2Fhphotos-ak-frc1%2F1004529_10151586819032308_195764625_n.jpg&size=2048%2C1152
  12. 2.0 Tddi Running Rough

    Don't take this as guaranteed, but as far as I am aware, you can fit a second hand main pump, however, you need to cut into the loom for the controller and splice the original onto the replacement pump. I do warn you though, as this is not meant to be possible, the wires (4 of them) are not colour coded, in fact all four are black, lol.
  13. I was tired when I wrote that, the sticking vanes are easy to fix. Hang on, just refreshed myself pugbug says the turbo impeller shaft is very stiff, so a cartridge would remedy that problem, I have no experience with the electronic actuator, although I presume if they disconnect it from the arm on the turbo they can monitor it as someone starts the car. That way they can see if the actuator is working, as the actuator should move from one end to the other as soon as the engine starts. As far as I am aware, the default state for the vanes is open i.e. no boost, so when the engine isn't running that is the position they are in. In lower revs the vanes are fully closed so the full force of the exhaust gases are directed at the exhaust impeller (full boost).
  14. I've had my Mk3 for 5 years, it's almost done 200,000 miles, the pulley only failed six months ago, not really a regular issue in my experience.
  15. If it sounds very metallic, I would say it is the crankshaft pulley, I bought the lot from a breakers in Morecambe for about £20