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  1. Hi i have a ford escort 62000 miles 1.6 twin cam, 1997 1998, my question is i had the campbell done about two years ago, since then i have not used it, has been stood up in my carport, when belt was done all i did was drive it 110 miles to my new home and its never used since, do you think it still ok or new belt required, as i plan to get it back on the road, mechanics advice would be good, i am with the view it should be ok still, many thanks

  2. Just a quick question I have been look for a mk6 escort widow regulater for my car (passenger side)

    has anyone got one for sale thanks winney

  3. Hi guys, A bit of a random one but just a bit of fun really. We're thinking of making up some temporary tattoos to be used at Ford Fair (or anytime you like!). Yes, we're well aware it's a bit silly but we thought it might be a bit of fun! Basically, we wanted to reach out before the event and see if you guys had any cool design ideas? These could be ford/model/club related or even just a quote in text etc. Post up your ideas and if we like them we will get them made up and bring them along to Ford Fair/put them in the club store Cheers, James See below for some examples we came up with:
  4. Hello!

    just become a ford owner and joined as a premium member. is there anything to let me know of how and when I get my halfords card and stickers etc? May have completely skipped out a part that explains it haha




  5. Hi James

    Sorry to bother you but just read your post from 2014 re: bluetooth upgrade

    yes I know its a long time age but it has just become relevant for me.

    I own a Focus 2008 facelift Zetec with the standard 6000 cd unit fitted which does not have bluetooth, my daughter gas a 2009 Focuc Titanium with the comms pack unit fitted which has bluetooth and sat nav

    she has taken that unit out and installed an after market unit in, she has given me the comms pack unit which I have fitted in my car.

    the radio and cd works fine but because I didn't have bluetooth in my car the sat nav and bluetooth wont work.

    I have purchased a gps ariel and mic and sd card for the sat nav in readiness to get it up and running but I need other bits of equipment that confuses me a little 

    can you tell me what else I need to buy to make it all work, I am a bit of a noob when it comes to radio stuff  I have done some research on the subject but it goes over my head when talking about looms bluetooth modules canbus and stuff.

    any help would be very much appreciated.

    this is a photo of the unit now its in my car, like I say the radio and cd work fine, fords are asking £1200 for this head unit so it seems a shame I can't put it to good use yet

    thanks Keith



  6. For those of you in the market for a dash cam, we've just reviewed the Nextbase 212 Lite: http://www.drivn.co.uk/nextbase-212-lite-dash-cam-review/
  7. Not heard anything regarding club stand positions yet - probably a bit early anyway. I'd like to think they will do a better job than last year as I'm sure they will have learnt some lessons. The club booking deadline is the start of July so we're looking to place our bulk order mid June just to be safe.
  8. Yes, sorry I had already replied to James as he sent me a PM but basically our reasons for doing it the good old fashioned way were as follows: - There are two Ford Owners Clubs listed on the Ford Fair site so we didn't want our members to be confused and end up on the wrong stand - We didn't want all our members passing their information on with details being sold etc - it seems like an easy was for Ford Fair to gather everyone's details. - It's easier for us to control who's on our pitch etc. We're not making any money on it, in fact in some cases we lose money on larger bookings with PayPal fees etc. Plus, it's technically 5p cheaper on the booking fee with us. Not a lot but still it's cheaper!
  9. I believe they will both be sent via email to be printed. Will let you know if I hear differently.
  10. Tickets now on sale guys :) http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/79808-ford-fair-2016-get-your-tickets-here/
  11. FOC's Official Ford Fair Booking Form for 2016 Ford Owners Club are attending the Ford Fair Meet on Sunday 7th of August 2016 at Silverstone Circuit. Last year we had had a great turn out with loads of members on our stand - let's see if we can double it this year! We are taking pre-orders for this event right now so grab yourself a good deal on these tickets while you can. The Pass and Ticket are £18.00* (£25 on the gate) and you can park on the FOC stand with your pass. Payment needs to be made via paypal which will be asked for when submitting the form. *Please note there is a £1.95 booking fee per transaction (vs £2 directly through Ford Fair) to cover our PayPal fees/admin Please also remember, it does not matter if your Ford is not modified.. ANY FORD IS WELCOME! IF YOU HAVE A £500 FORD KA OR A FOCUS RS IT DOES NOT MATTER, the more the merrier. FOC is about Fords and their owners so all are welcome! If you have never been to Ford Fair before then you are missing out, Ford Fair is the largest Ford Shows out there Get booking today using the link below! You will receive your E-tickets via email approximately 1 - 2 weeks before the event. Click HERE to order your tickets
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