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  1. so while I'm waiting on new RCA adapters coming I got my new brakes fitted, focus ST170 300mm upgrade with callipers professionally painted in performance blue look far better than before and once bedded in should be a good improvement on standard. One issue I have spotted is that the the brake pads extend beyond the discs as shown in this picture this isn't ideal surely as I will be loosing out on brake performance and once the pads wear it may cause other issues.
  2. I hope mine are legit, cost me £30 for the two bulbs
  3. Thanks Jeff, I purchased my HIDs from custom led.co.uk. for the dipped beam, but for the fogs i ended up going for led bulbs from ebay.
  4. Cheers Lenny, I fear I have some sort of OCD they are fifteen52 tarmacs, they can only be gotten by importing them from America
  5. power cable ran through the grommet shown here I ran the remote wire to a fuse tap in the fusebox, forgot to take a photo. in process of wiring up the amp and finished now I have put everything back together i'm really happy with how tidy it all is, you would never know there is an amp hidden under the seat and the sound quality is far better. But I have interference when the car is running which isn't there when the ignition is on. I think I need a better ground, I ran it to one the bolts for the handbrake which I think was a mistake. I'll change it to a seat bolt and make sure it makes good contact to see if it gets rid of it
  6. Rear speakers out and new ones in with new speaker cable running to the amp front speakers got the same treatment with component speakers tweeters crossovers stuck onto door trim using heavy duty velcro and wired up. and speaker wires ran through the door loom
  7. so spent all day on the car today fitting amplified sound system in the car, first step was to strip out the interior I then bought an SOT lead and adapted it using RCA adapters, I could have done it without the SOT lead but it means I didn't have to cut the original cables.
  8. fit the bulb in place using the spring clip and connect the hid wires to the original connectors, put the cover back on and it should look like this from the outside then it is a matter of finding a place to fit the ballasts. I originally cable tied them to the car as below but I wasn't happy with it as the wires weren't really long enough and it meant disconnecting them every time I wanted to remove the headlight. So I purchased some heavy duty velcro and stuck the ballast onto the bottom of the light unit... now all that is left to do is connect the wires to the ballast and refit the light. before shot after shot with the new led fogs on and a rather rubbish night shot to give a bit of an idea of what they are like
  9. the second mistake I made was to buy the wrong HID bulbs for my new headlights, I assumed the dipped beam was the same bulb as the full, and I was wrong! so I finally got the right set (no chinese cheap ones this time) and set about fitting them. this is going to be a bit long winded for those that know how to fit these but I was asked to make a bit of a guide by one of the guys who bought the same lights so here it goes. first of all remove the rear cover off the dipped beam and disconnect the wires from the bulb, you will need to pull of the rubber gromit around the wires and push them through the hole so you can take the cover off completely The next step is to drill a hole in the cover for the wiring for the HIDs. A normal drill will do, but I do recommend getting a stepped drill bit as it made this step very easy the next step is to feed the wiring through the hole making sure to fix the grommet in place so no condensation will form. the original light wires will also need to be refitted. http://i1015.photobucket.com/albums/af273/norm130/IMG_3490_zps2589dcf4.jpg out with the old bulb, in with the new
  10. So this update is basically me fixing a few **** ups I made previously. I bought cheap chinese HIDs for my fog lights and it should really come as no surprise that they let in condensation. This was really annoying me as it looked awful so i set about taking the fog lights out and getting rid of the condensation that had built up by shaking out as much as I could then using a hairdryer to dry out the rest. The HID bulbs went straight in the bin and I purchasd some 50w Cree LED fog light bulbs. Fitted, such a difference with no condensation, looks far better! time will tell if the LEDs are up to scratch
  11. cheers bud, yeah they are only 4-5 months old so they are in really good condition. They are sitting better now the springs have settled down a bit again, i'm really happy with them
  12. streetpacks and spacers off, new wheels on I'll hopefully get a few better shots when the car is clean and I can rope a mate into taking some proper photos not off a phone camera. well pleased with them though
  13. this is probably the biggest update I have had so far, purchased a set of new (well second hand) wheels! the night I got them I washed, detarred, iron clensed and used the below on them before I put them on the car, hopefully brake dust shouldn't be a problem for a while
  14. New Rs Style Grill For The Mk7 Numbers Needed

    Hi mate, I have one, check my project page to see it http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/50004-phoebe-the-mk7-s1600-pic-heavy/