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  1. 1.25 ZETEC Fiesta misfire

    Problem turned out to be a coil pak again, i bought an autospark one which when replaced with a Mazda one stopped the misfire, i would sugget anyone fitting a cheap coil not to and buy a Mazda or Ford genuine one as the cheap ones are not up to the job thats the 2nd one i have had in a year.
  2. 1.25 ZETEC Fiesta misfire

    I spent the weekend putting new Brake hoses and pipes on this car she was up on ramps at the back and i had the fuel line out of rear holder. Once she was all reconnected and bled the car has started misfiring on a flat and worse on hill, it has had new plugs and coil pack and leads in the last year i had this before but surely a coil wouldnt go that quick again and the car had been running fine before i had re did the brakes, could it be dirt in the fuel line or the filter as its never been replaced and has 111000 on it.