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  1. Engine Warning Light And Juddering

    could be head gasket, what you describe sounds like water and oil mixed
  2. Tyre Recommendations?

    I fitted some Hankook tyres the same size as yours to my fiesta zetec, the difference was unbelievable great tyre and not expensive either. cheers ian
  3. Wheel Spacers

    Extra load on the wheel bearings as well
  4. New Car

    hey you guys, are you missnig something here, YOU are the paying customer here, YOU tell the dealer when you want to pick the car up, at the end of the day you pay their wages, tell them you will cancel the order and spend your money else where. I used to work in a large ford dealership, we used to do pick up at midnight on the 1st January and 1st august, its called customer satisfaction, you only have to make a bit of a commotion in the preferably busy show room and they will soon come round to your way of thinking.
  5. Mk7 Back Box And Plastic Spraying

    Not really a job for diy, as been said you need adhesion promoter for the paint to stick to plastic, if you don't use it the paint will peel, really needs to be painted in two pack, or water based paint in an paint booth. cheers ian
  6. Benefits Of Age

    And I thought I was doing well at £185. which brings me to my old fiesta,2007 57, 1.6 diesel zetec was dearer to insure than my new titanium X,more expensive car more horse power etc etc. how dose that work then ??
  7. Its a Van at the end of the day, and thus will be manufactured cheaper than a car, and probably because of this doesn't have the same amount of sound deadening fitted that a car has, different carpets for one I would of thought. So you will inherit some road noise because of this. Cheers Ian
  8. Spare Wheel

    I don't think they will throw one in as a good will gesture as they are a £90 factory option on a new car. I have ordered full size spare wheels on all three new fiestas I have had, its a no brainer, as been said the foam repair kit is no use for a blow out, and knowing my luck I would scrap a tyre at three oclock in the morning when all tyre fitters are closed. Also did anyone know you cant have a full size spare if you have a tow bar fitted !!!. cheers Ian
  9. New St Pricing

    try drive the deal, google it, they might be able to help I got £2000 of my titanium x from dealer price. cheers ian
  10. Best Colour Fiesta?

    MMM, diamond bright, afraid you wasted your money on that, it doesn't do any thing to protect the paint at all, how do I know? I was a panel beater in a ford dealership for sixteen years, back then it was called polyglycoat did nothing then either, apart from annoying the crap out of the painters as it caused silicone reaction in the new paint. . Cheers ian
  11. Best Colour Fiesta?

    yea that copper pulse for me too
  12. Tyre Question.

    correct. as others have said already, but the rolling radius is probably the same, bigger wheel and smaller sidewall = same rolling radius, (circumference). check out the size of the tyre on a so called full size spare wheel, different size completely but the rolling radius must remain the same so as not to affect speedo and braking performance amongst other things.the reason wheels have got bigger in diameter over the years is that on performance cars you can get bigger brake discs and calipers inside the wheel thus enhancing braking performance. cheers ian
  13. Tyre Question.

    Just a quickie as you have opted for the larger wheels, they become more desirable to the wheel thief, so do as I did and get your self down to Halfords and buy another set of locking nuts, the ford ones only have five variations of key and are available on ebay, magard have considerably more ( cant remember how many off hand). deterrent is better than replacement. Cheers ian
  14. Fuel Tank Help

    Cheers ian That should liven it up a bit :D :D :D :D :D :D I would be interested in the results,
  15. Ecoboost 1.0T Mpg & Ecomode Owner Results

    Press the stalk again for average mpg read out cheers Ian