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  1. As it turned out I didn't have to. After a bit of digging it seems my original loom should be left in place I just need to remove the USB bit from the new loom and just install that in addition to the old loom. Guess I should have researched this a bit more carefully. Workmates are extracting the urine as I type! I'll sort it this weekend! If I do need an auto electrician I'll call these Ceaser chaps. The number has gone in my mobile.
  2. Cheers, will check them out.
  3. I've had a good go at trying to upgrade my Mk 7 Fiesta from just Bluetooth to Bluetooth + USB but truth be told I'm no auto electrician. I've got all the hardware I just need someone to do the installation of the new loom for me. I'd be really be super grateful for any help as my Fiesta looks like someone's been in and nicked most of the interior trim! :o :(
  4. Hello Everyone...

    Thanks for the welcome chaps! ...the interior of my car is somewhat dismantled. Thankfully Nath has answered my question so I'm good to go when I can bring myself to start unwrapping that black stuff around the wiring.
  5. Ah okay...more trim to remove. Thanks. I wonder if I've bitten off more than I can chew here. I figured this job would be just a bit of wiring and then a call to my mate for the IDS. The front interior of my car is in bits! :o Oh well...I guess I'd better start unwinding some of this sticky black stuff! Looks like I'll be doing pedal power to work this week! Is there a guide someone's written for this? Be nice just to have someone smarter than me telling me rather than me making guesses! Oh and big thanks for this and for all your other posts on this topic.
  6. Hi chaps, I'm just at the state of putting all the kit I've bought into my new (to me) Fiesta. This forum has been a lot of help with all this so far so hopefully it'll come through on this last bit I'm stuck on. I know where five out of the six plugs on the new loom go to, it's just the one I have no idea. I've had a lot of the trim off inside, taken out the stereo but I'm at a loss. I've attached some pics. I know where these two go ( to the Bluetooth + USB module) : I know where this one goes (in the back of the CD\radio unit) : I know where these go (to the new aux\USB panel I've fitted behind the gear stick) : But I'm damned if I know where this one fits: It's on the same stretch as the CD\radio unit plug. I don't think it's for the mike in the roof as I can't see how it would reach up there, given where the CD\radio unit is. If someone has a decent pictorial guide on this it would be really helpful. I've had a good look but I've not found a complete guide that explains the wiring. Thanks for your patience and thanks in advance for any help. Cheers SC
  7. Hello Everyone...

    Hello everybody. It was whilst researching upgrading my Fiesta from Bluetooth to Bluetooth + USB I came across this forum. Looks like a friendly place and thanks to the posts on here I got all the kit and am halfway through the job! Hope people won't mind, I'm going to follow this post immediately (well anti-spam prevention allowing) with a question about the above in the Fiesta forum.
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums SouthernChap :)