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  1. Dual Mass Flywheel

    The difference between the 2 seems to be whether it's needed for OE AG91 6477 AD/AE or not Any idea what this means?
  2. Dual Mass Flywheel

    I have used my reg on a couple of sites and they both give 2 options. Any idea which site will give me a definite answer?
  3. Hi All I have a MK4 Mondeo 2.0 diesel and my DMF and clutch need replacing. There appear to be two possible DMF's for my car though when I search car part websites. How can I know which I need? I'm looking at a LUK part. thanks
  4. Rear Brake Discs And Pads Change

    Thanks again for replies. I'll compare prices to local motor factors. When changing the rears do you have to do anything with the handbrake cable? or is it the usual wheel off, calliper off, pads out, discs off and then replace?
  5. Rear Brake Discs And Pads Change

    Thanks for your reply. I read that Eicher aren't as good as Pagid? The Eicher parts come out at about £60 with the 25% discount.
  6. How easy is this to do? I've changed both a couple of times in previous cars but never on a 2008 mondeo. Pagid discs and pads come out at £100. Also, I range a couple of local garages for quotes and they came out at £200-£220 depending on the size of disc and pads - apparently there is more than 1 size for this model?? What size should they be? Thanks
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums andyr39 :)