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  1. Tough Little Fiesta

    Thanks guys. Didn't have time to lay bricks and to be honest I really don't know how i managed to pull the car straight and get out of his way. However, the subsequent exchange was as amicable as it could have been and full marks to Aviva for sorting out everything quicker than I could have expected. As for the new Focus it's a 2005. Had a 2009 diesel model when I was still working ( company motor) and would have liked another diesel but in the price bracket I could afford they were all very high mileage. So, settled for a petrol version; only 46K and very clean. Just need to avoid duels with big German lorries. :-)
  2. Tough Little Fiesta

    Just posting this in recognition of my 2003 Fiesta 'Black' which was sideswiped by a very large (foreign) lorry + trailer last week and written off (on grounds of repair costs). Despite having the whole nearside re-modeled and being bounced all over the A3 for what seemed like ages, this little motor was still perfectly driveable. Unfortunately it's now gone to the big scrapyard in the sky (perhaps) and I've upgraded to a very low mileage Focus Ghia. So, well done Ford for building a car tougher than it looks. Note to European lorry drivers, the phrase " I sit on the left so cannot see anything on the right" is not a valid defence.
  3. Tyres To Reduce Road Noise

    I have recently bought a 2003 Fiesta 1.4' petrol. OK, a bit old but I know the owner who has had it from new and who has loved it and had it Ford-serviced all its life and it has only clocked up 47,000. It's a great little motor but the tyre noise over 50mph is making me think of getting rid of it and at 70 it is unbearable, even with AVC set to +7. It has alloy wheels and is currently running on Pirreli P6000's 195/50 R15 V, which admittedly are so old the side walls are starting to crack, even though there is plenty of tread left. So, with MOT coming up I know it will be highlighted and I am quite prepared to spend a couple of hundred on new tyres but which ones? Tyre reviews are mixed and it almost seems that a tyre on one car will be noisy whereas on another it will be considered quiet. So, can anyone recommend a tyre that will let me listen to my radio at a level below which my ears bleed? MOT due next Sunday, 18th, so I don't have long.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums keefsaund :)