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  1. P0299 Obd Error Code

    Couldn't find a number anywhere! What's the software ford use at there dealers? For my bmw just go online think it called real oem and find part through diagrams etc! Is there anything like that for fords? Thanks
  2. P0299 Obd Error Code

    Sorry about post earlier couldn't do it on phone here's the pics
  3. P0299 Obd Error Code

    Had the pipe off glued and taped it up the car so much better! Went the stealership they wanted £82 pound for a new one! Wouldn't give me part number either! Does anyone know it? Its a intercooler pipe?
  4. P0299 Obd Error Code

    Yeah will do been trying to catch her in lol
  5. P0299 Obd Error Code

    Thanks for reply it's not that hose! Its the one on left as you stand looking into engine! Its the biggest pipe jn diameter it goes into the throttle housing down to the bottom of radiator there is a link bracket the pipe goes through off rad ?
  6. P0299 Obd Error Code

    Hi managed to find the problem I hope massive split in a large hose on right hand side of engine its the one that goes in the throttle housing maf sensor bit I think thats what it called! Will this be a main dealer part and does anyone know what it called? Thanks dave.
  7. Hi my daughter has a ford focus 1.6 tdci 58 plate. She has been complaining of a lot of black smoke from exhaust when accelerating so i plugged it in to a basic obd 2 scanner connected to my phone using the torque app. I did this originally 2 weeks ago or so and generated lots of codes which i cleared my thought was id recheck in a couple of weeks to see what came back. The code there this time was P0299 OBD error code i had a look at this link http://www.obd-codes.com/p0299 I was just wondering if you guys or girls maybe know what to check first or is it worth getting some specific ford software to pin point the problem? I have looked for split hoses etc air leeks but cant hear or see anything? If anyone can point me in the right direction i would be grateful it is a pain trying to catch her in though lol. Thanks Dave.
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums sailsy :)