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  1. Happy Birthday Brazh!

  2. 1. What is USB-UART chipset (driver name)? 2. What number of COM port?
  3. soldering usb host to the chinese dvd

  4. My native firmware was 6M51-12A650-YB and now it is 8M51-AHA from civil-zz's page (just a bit tuned later). It's for sid202 1.8 TDCi and you may try it. There is no difference in calibration maps but strategy is not the same.
  5. Двойное запирание - locking a door with blocking from inside opening. It seems to me it is deadlocking.
  6. mayak, you are absolutely right my head hurts of the translation. Very jolly programmer wrote this soft :)
  7. Длинный импульс хлыста или хитрые замки - it may be long pulse or 'tricky' abstruse locks Long pulse of signal when locking? Хитрые - maybe in advanced meaning
  8. Zurrieq, From the GEM page Центральный замок Central lock Открывание багажника с ДУ Trunk unlock with remote control Открывание багажника при вкл зажигании Lock the trunk while ignition is on Открывать багажник с двойным нажатием ДУ Trunk unlock with double button press Концевики Limit switches (End switches) Опции Options Опция датчик дождя/света Rainsensor/Autolamps Настройка через БК (Запрет шаманства) Setting via board computer (if OFF when cannot change options via board comp) Быстрые замки (отменяет хитрые замки) Fast and quiet locks Дожимать замки, если были открыты двери Relock if doors were opened Задний дворник при задней передаче Rear wiper ON when reverse Колесико регулировки прерывистого режима дворников Rear wiper regulated with setting dial Три вспышки поворотов при перестроении Triple flash turning lights when lane change Длинный импульс хлыста или хитрые замки (Cannot find it in program window :) ) From the ACM page Мгновенный расход Instant fuel consumption Кривая луцеколонка Not linear fuel gauge (unknown option) Индикатор открытой двери (без БК) Door ajar warning (without board comp) Настройка через БК (Запрет шаманства) Setting via board computer Сигнализатор заднего хода Reverse warning Праворульный авто Right hand drive Доп настройки для БК Additional options БК board computer ДУ remote control I’ve tried to translate this but Russian programmer has a great sense of humor, so some phrases are untranslatable. Some phrases are cannot be translated in a few words so you may ask me what exactly not understandable
  9. Genuine ELM327 chip is more expencive. Just one single original chip is $23.50 and that is wholesale price. Whole device at least two times more expencive. Is there a reason to buy the same (or almost the same) for $50? It would be better to buy ELS27 (based on STN1170 instead of ELM327) in this case. Than no need to solder switch and speed is 4 times faster
  10. This one also based on FTDI chip. I have bought twice and both are v1.4 with FTDI on board. $10 http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Newest-ELM327-2012-OBDII-OBD2-CAN-BUS-Diagnostic-Scanner-HOT/470562881.html
  11. New version of ELMConfig released :) http://ffclub.ru/topic/302511/go_post/14511089/ Civil-zz, thanks again!
  12. tewsona Wait some time to get PCM adapted. It should become real or looks like real after 150-300 miles driving