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  1. Hi all I unwisely sent one of the remote key fobs (three buttons, key inside but not fold out) for my 2016 Fiesta Titanium for a spin in a washer and completely broke it. Ford quoted me £200+ for a new one so I went to Timpsons who told me they could not 'get through the car's security' and were unable to help. They did, however, give me the key they'd ordered as a goodwill gesture. I'm now left with one working fob and one unprogrammed one. Does anyone have any recommendations for programmers who are not hugely expensive or a Plan B I could use. My car has keyless entry and a start stop button so I can't insert the key anywhere inside. Any help gratefully received please!
  2. Hit And Run On My Rear Bumper

    Went into a Ford approved bodyshop and was quoted £240 - sad face indeed. Better than Auto Repair's £380, anyway. Sad face :(
  3. Someone very kindly rubbed their car along the rear driver's side bumper on my 1 year old Fiesta. I think I preferred it without all the black marks... I am going to do some quote shopping tomorrow but anyone got any ideas roughly what I could expect to pay for this to be fixed? There's the paintwork and it also looks like the bumper isn't quite flush with the car any more, plus the little black mudflap behind the wheel is cracked. I've got an insurance excess of about £250 and obviously my renewal will go up if I claim but I've got no idea how much it'll cost to repair. Any advice would be great... Thanks JP PS. Needless to say no-one owned up to the damage and there's no cameras in the car park - someone got very lucky when they hit me...
  4. Teething Troubles With '13 Fiesta

    Thanks for the comments everyone. Looks like with SYNC I just need to grin and bear it - although my phone's listed on the SYNC site I suppose I should just be grateful for what it does now :) I'd also be fine just putting vinegar on my screen but to be honest it slightly rankles me as this feels like a design fault, or something that should be fixed. I've tweeted at Ford Service who say they'll call me back - should have been an hour ago, as it happens - so we'll see. Not the end of the world and still a very nice car anyway.
  5. Teething Troubles With '13 Fiesta

    Hi Dan Thanks for the comment - yes I would have thought the arm could be easily fixed but they've told me it happens on their other one they have parked there too. Would be good to get a hookup on Facebook too if possible :) I'll send you a private message with my details on.
  6. Hello everyone! I'm a first time Ford owner and have just - less than two weeks ago - picked up my candy blue '13 Fiesta Titanium. Coming from a Vauxhall Twintop I'm really happy with it - I can now listen to my iPhone much easier, for a start! I have got a couple of teething troubles though and would like some advice on these. I've done some searching and couldn't spot much so sorry if I've missed threads. - drivers side wiper blade I've noticed that during wet days the bottom half of my drivers side wiper judders up and down the screen. I've spoken to my dealer (SMC) who checked it all and said all the parts were fine and the problem is on their other Fiesta too. They've said there is nothing they can do apart from log a report (a Global Concern something) and get Ford to investigate. Is this really a systemic fault like they suggest - does every '13 Fiesta do this? - Sync text messages I'm loving the SYNC system and happily paired both my phones. When I get texts though it always says they're from 'unknown' and sometimes when I receive calls it just displays the number. Have I set it up wrong? And finally... - floormat Random one but my drivers side may (£30 extra, typical) seems to be wearing down quite quickly where my feet rest. I'm a big lad to be fair but are they fairly cheap as standard? Any tips or anything? Thanks for any help anyone can offer!
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums HelloJP :)