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  1. Quick Question

    yeah true but to be fair ive seen a few fiestas with red brake cals now and i think they look pretty sick not fussed on them being small if it looks decent :D and ahh yeah thats a hope because the alloys do look pretty sick in black, but yeah least i know there is a haggle price on them think ill be getting my fiesta on finance cant wait to purchase dieing for a white one as they look so much better with black alloys but if i do get a black fiesta guess its not the end of the world :) just got to find the best price, but knowing i can buy new alloys for a decent ish price like this is definitely making me a lot happier in getting a white one with those bad alloys first :), then if anything means ide have a spare set of tyres and alloys if i didn't just try and sell them on to pay some of the cash ide spend on the new ones off.
  2. Quick Question

    they are the exact ones i mean actually! :) so they were only £800 from the main dealer? any kind of links to their website or anything? and the only other thing i was thinking to do with my wheels would be to add red paint to the brake cals as i think it would look pretty good with black alloys would I probably just do the red cals myself by taking the wheel off you think? ha sorry for being a newbie never owned or changed a car yet you see :) oh and whats your opinions on those continental sport tyres?
  3. Quick Question

    just wondering guys the link i have provided below is a car ive been looking at the only thing i hate about it is the alloys i prefer the normal in a bad way of describing them criss cross alloys? how much do you guys think it would cost me to say buy a full set of the crisscross style alloys black with a decent tyre wrapped around them 17" style as their meant to be!? because wondering if it isn't too bad on cost that I could buy this then just change the wheels myself http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201307298057910/sort/default/usedcars/transmission/manual/engine-size-cars/1-4l_to_1-6l/price-to/10000/colour/white/fuel-type/petrol/quantity-of-doors/3/maximum-mileage/up_to_20000_miles/body-type/hatchback/maximum-age/up_to_1_year_old/model/fiesta/make/ford/onesearchad/used/onesearchad/nearlynew/onesearchad/new/radius/1500/keywords/zetec%20s%201.6/postcode/dl39uw/page/1?logcode=p
  4. Little Help What To Do?

    So nath has that white one bluetooth im on my way to football so cant check, think ill be able haggle the dealers price down a little? And if not how much would it cost to add bluetooth functionality? Or would it just be easier finding a model with it, plus i noticed you added cruise control and the aluminium footrest to your old one how much those set you back? And are the stock speakers decent on the zetec s model or maybe worth changing the speakers and maybe add a sub? Sorry for all the questions guys will be uploading pics of this part by part when i do hunt one down!
  5. Little Help What To Do?

    and for the 1.6 i do mean the 120 bhp one not the new 1.6 105 PS
  6. Little Help What To Do?

    hmmm decision dunno which i want now just with the 1.6 being a little better price wise gonna check the insurance on the 1.0 ecoboost think theres also a 1.25 ecoboost but ill check them over, all depends which i find at the right price with a dealer on finance to be fair, but cheers as someone mentioned above are the 6 speakers in all cars in 2012 or after on the zetec s models? would definitely prefer the 6 to 4, and ive heard the ecboost models interior is really nice inside!
  7. Little Help What To Do?

    sure insurance would be cheaper have you drove the 1.6 zetec s so can compare fairly or? not preferenced to which ide prefer just yet but would like to know speed wise difference any stuff like that really, something to maybe justify the £3000 difference or even more ide have to pay for the ecoboost ha
  8. Little Help What To Do?

    cheers mate really appreciate the advice and reply! good bit of information too think im going to ask about a white 2012 model, my only problem with the ones they have in are the alloys, i hate the other zetec s alloys i love this criss cross ones for want of a better way of describing them, but hate the 5 star type ones ha :) ahh good to hear nice things about the bluetooth! and ahh so that 2012 black one has the 6 speakers lot of my friends have old shape corsa and the new shaped corsa so not fussed either way on interior sure the fiesta will kick their !Removed! to be fair :)
  9. Little Help What To Do?

    Hey guys new here so going to try not and babble to much, so here goes im turning 20 on the 20th of this month, i passed my driving test last august yeah i know left it a little late but money reasons and job/education finally secure enough to sort it all out, what i wanted from you very knowledgeable bunch of people is some advice tonight im going to look at finance options on the ford fiesta zetec s 1.6 petrol model wondering peoples opinions firstly on them, then on the differences between them and the 1.0T ecoboost new models, and what you guys think about the zetec s models ive looked at many cars and after seeing 'iNaths' i fell in love with the damn thing! heres a link at one ive been looking at from a nearby dealer below, im going to shop around for different finance options and see which i like best, things i want for definite are pretty adamant on white colour, privacy glass, bluetooth, aux, usb all main priorities, everything afterwards is a bonus the link below i was wondering if this 2010 model would have bluetooth? if not can it be added afterwards? i aint to keen on black but ill post the link to the 2012 black model i found too that seems pretty decent any opinions welcome guys remember im a 'noob' in the car world so cut me some slack never owned changed or modded a car before in my life but this will be my first path of learning :) cheers! http://www.evanshalshaw.com/vehiclesearch/used/ford-used-car-ye60ybt.html http://www.evanshalshaw.com/vehiclesearch/used/ford-used-car-yy12ffx.html any help and advice guidance much appreciated guys, also got a quote on the black one from compare the market and with insurance (admiral) without a box is £1400 for 250 voluntary excess and 250 required, and 1700 with 0 voluntary and 250 required. not sure if this is good or what? remember i have no claims and thats paying it off in the full year which i dont mind doing, and wondering if you ring the company direct you get maybe more money off? let me know as soon as guys cheers!
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums 9dal39 :)