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  1. Central locking problems - possible solution

    no worries i find electrical faults in cars are a lot like faults on computers the resolution to the problem is often a variation of other attempts to fix the same problem lol but who cares as long as it worked lol
  2. Central locking problems - possible solution

    ok what i did was i got into my car and closed the drivers door so all doors were shut, i then put the key in the ignition and turned it to preignition and back 4 times and got 1 chime i then removed the key from the ignition barrel and pressed the unlock button once and then the lock button once, i then opened the drivers door and closed it again and tested the central locking with buttons on the key and everything worked again. also forgot to say i got a second chime after pressing the unlock button.
  3. Central locking problems - possible solution

    when you got the chime did you press the unlock and lock buttons and then open the drivers door and close it again? the fact the fault is intermittant with your wife getting in the passenger seat might suggest the fault lies in the passenger door?
  4. Central locking problems - possible solution

    This solution worked for me i have a 2000 (x reg) 2.0 ford focus and the remote central locking didn't work and the doors intermittently opened after manually opening the drivers door. did as instructed in the above posts now everything is back to normal, thanks for the useful information.
  5. Hi everyone jut had a play around with photo shop on a picture of a ford focus same model and colour that i'm currently driving. in photoshop i changed the wheels and coloured some of the parts and even lowered it slightly take a look at the before and after pics. thanks Michael
  6. I have photoshopped your car with the alloys you posted.
  7. Foc Computer Workshop

    I work with both Macs and PC's at work on a daily basis and my point of view is if you have the money and you want a strong reliable bit of kit and performance isn't key to what you want a Mac is the way to go, i know if you crank up the ram etc you can increase the Mac's performance and the standard user might not even notice the difference but in my experience once you try getting Macs to do something intense like video editing it often slows down sometimes to the point where you think its a sleep lol. PC's although often less reliable (more often then not due to bugs in windows or viruses) are far cheaper can be upgraded easier and less complicated to trouble shoot, don't get me wrong Mac's are good for some things but i think PC's out weigh it a lot, i think Apple spend more time on products like the IPad, iPhone and Ipod than they do with there computer range.
  8. Can't Decide What I Want

    I agree with all of the above just wanted to add that performance wise the SSD is the way to go as its access speeds should be more than enough for any game the only downside is storage capacity vs cost even 128gb drives are far more expensive than a SATA hard disk, so what i would suggest if you store a lot of photos get the SSD drive option but buy an additional external hard drive for storage 1TB around £40 is not to bad and that frees up the SSD drive for your gaming.
  9. Anyone Have Basic Photoshop Skills?

    Hi i have basic photoshop skills, I've just joined this site do you still need it done? Michael
  10. Hi, I have been working on my neighbours Y reg (99) fiesta, it is overheating as far as i can tell (no temp gauge in these cars) and i know the thermostat was faulty. i replaced the thermostat but the fan didn't kick in when the car got hot enough, the car was stationary so no air flowing through the rad. i hooked the fan up to the battery and it came to life so the fan works and i checked the fuses and they also look good so i'm left to believe its the ECT sensor. problem is i don't know where its located on this engine, i've searched online and there doesn't seem to be an exact answer to this question just suggestions where it might be, if someone could point me in the right direction with pictures would be helpful if you have them it would be appreciated. thanks Michael
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums mik_se7 :)