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  1. jimjamyaha

    Heated windscreen and washer jets ?

    These are adjustable with a small pin in the nozzels. You can direct them up or down. Also, these look to the be the same as on my 2006 Focus Mk2. I replaced these ones with those from a Focus Mk3 which has the nicer fine mist spray. No reason this wouldn't also be possible on the S-Max. James.
  2. jimjamyaha


    Hi, Yes - def possible. I have an 2006 Petrol S-Max. Did exactly that. Bought a middle row, middle seat from a 2010/facelift S-Max. It bolts straight in - everything is the same dimensions. 4 x Torx bolts to the floor (to correct nm torque) and a swap over of seatbelt buckles from original seat and was good to go! James.
  3. jimjamyaha

    Aircon working but PID = No

    Hi All, Have a concern on my Smax. The aircon works, but seems to short cycle a lot. Has been regassed - all fine. However, using ForScan the pid for the ACCLT_ALW = NO. Anyone know how to get the bottom of what sets this as no, but it's actually working. No DTCs are set? Thanks.
  4. jimjamyaha

    Auto on heated windscreen

    Hi, just noticed that heated windscreen auto came on even though it's 14c outside. Petrol 2l 2006. Assume that a temperature sensor is on the blink. Both engine thermostat (for coolant) and the external / outside air temp are working well. Are there any other ones to check for incorrect readings? Thanks.
  5. jimjamyaha

    Power Steering Reservoir Filter?!?

    Gotcha. Thanks! New knowledge stored! 😀
  6. jimjamyaha

    Power Steering Reservoir Filter?!?

    Ah, have i misunderstood that there is both the filter (orange) *and* and a fine mesh (somewhere else). Thought these were one and the same - but very happy to be corrected 😀
  7. jimjamyaha

    Power Steering Reservoir Filter?!?

    Hi, sorry if I've not made it clear, but the one I replaced *didn't* have a filter in. The replacement did and caused massive noises and intermittent failure... As far as I'd been told the filter was to stay in... This is what normally clogged up on older ones and why it needed to be replaced?
  8. Hi, Replaced my power steering reservoir and flushed/replaced fluid to try and quiet a slightly whiny pump... Otherwise it was fine. Was assured by multiple dealers that the part I needed had a filter in. Fitted replacement and even after a few days and correct bleeding proceedures had a super noisy pedestrian-jumping pump!!! Steering was also a bit heavier esp on roundabouts (it was fine before). Just looked closer at original reservoir removed... No filter! Cleaned it up and refitted, bled system etc. now back to normal levels of noise. Anyone able to see if their 2006-2010 2l Petrol SMax has a filter in the power steering reservoir or not? (Pics attached of one with). Many thanks, James.
  9. jimjamyaha

    focus 1.6 ti-vct bogging down in 1st

    Mods... This needs moving to the focus forum. For the issues... How low is your mpg? We have a 2006 tivct with the rattle, but is fine and operational (you can disconnect the solenoids to see what driving without the tivct is like!). Any issue there and you'd get an engine light. Mpg can be bad in cold weather and short trips, especially if you have a thermostat stuck open issue. There are a few flat spots due to the tivct, but not any as bad as needing 4000rpm. What happens if you don't rev it? This could be the throttle body in need of cleaning. Post pic of the vac pipe and where it is in eginne bay and I'll see if I can identify if. James.
  10. jimjamyaha


    That seems ok. If it was a over-cooling issue (thermostat stuck open) then I would expect the gauge to drop when driving above 30mph (more airflow to the radiator). If it doesn't and stays stuck in the middle all seems just fine. Our 2006 2l petrol takes a little while to get warm. Was your petrol a 2.5?
  11. Hi, have a 2006 Smax petrol 2.0 5-speed manual. Gears 1 and 2 are sometimes stiff to engage. Seems not to be temperature related. Compared to an identical smax (and a focus MK2) tried this wasn't like it on that. Seems better if changed in a slow 2-step process (i.e. returning to centre position first). Have oiled the mechanisms under the stick. Anything else to obvious to check/anyone have similar experiences? Thanks.
  12. jimjamyaha

    Undercoat colour on silver bumper?

    Thanks muchly!!!
  13. jimjamyaha

    Undercoat colour on silver bumper?

    Thanks, and finally apart from the obvious metal colour on the wing/wheel arch is this also white undercoat normally?
  14. Hi, very quick Q. What colour is the paint on the under coating or plastic of the silver ford focus MK2? Would it be white if scraped? Or some other colour? Thanks.
  15. Hello!, Read the guides for the bumper and grilles on the Mk2.5 - but I've found nothing for the MK2. Need some clarification/help on the following connections/bits of the MK2 Focus front bumper and grilles. The Ford Etis diagrams don't have enough detail on these. We had the front bumper removed and resprayed - but some of the plastic bottom bumper bits which go either side of the radiator are loose and flapping around inside and the top slam panel/airfllow plastic clips seem to have been damaged, meaning this is also loose. Could anyone confirm the correct name for each of these sections and how they're attached/ if access during bumper removal/fitting? I'm pretty sure that this wasn't previously like this. The garage also forgot to reconnect the bonnet switch elec cable so 'bonnet open' was displayed and the car wouldn't double-lock.