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  1. Mk3 Retrofit Add Ons & Mods

    All the wirings in place, they do work with the engine running if I use the 'HID' setting on the config but it throws a dipped bulb failure warning up on the dash
  2. Mk3 Retrofit Add Ons & Mods

    *stock St-3 xenons
  3. Mk3 Retrofit Add Ons & Mods

    JW1982, could you tell me which version of focccus you used? I've changed the settings to 'alternative HID' for my stock at-3 xenons and I'm still having the issue of them flickering when the engine is running. Cheers.
  4. Mk3 Retrofit Add Ons & Mods

    Was just wondering as whilst I was trying to change the BCM settings on the focccus software, the message 'could not init elm' came up. This was on the 0.8.4 version. Is there a preferred version of the software?
  5. Mk3 Retrofit Add Ons & Mods

    Does anyone know if the elm 327 needs to have a hi/lo canbus switch to be compatible with the focccus software?
  6. Mk3 Retrofit Add Ons & Mods

    Thanks all for the info, Ive downloaded the focccus software and ordered a elm 327 obd interface which should arrive this week
  7. Mk3 Retrofit Add Ons & Mods

    I was just going to set them up as you said to allow for extra weight in the back
  8. Mk3 Retrofit Add Ons & Mods

    That explains it! How easy is it and where can I get BCM configuration changed?
  9. Mk3 Retrofit Add Ons & Mods

    Hi, I've just bought a set of oem xenon headlamps with bulbs & ballasts for my mk3 focus, tested them after fitting and the lamps power up fine with just the ignition on, but once the engine is running the lamps start to flicker and not come on at all, does anyone know why?
  10. V-Power Nitro+ And Unexpected Side Effect

    What is the best code reader app for apple IPhone? And will any Bluetooth obd reader work with any app?
  11. Leather Recaro's - Will They Fit??

    Sorry to go slightly off topic, I have a mk3 focus (61 plate) was wondering if the leather recaros from a mk2/2.5 focus ST would fit my new shape?
  12. Does anyone know of anywhere that does a remap for the mk3 1.6 tdci (115 dpf) focus? Had a look around and can't seem to find much. I'm in the Lancashire area so somewhere close would be ideal.
  13. I suppose it's worth a try if you want to swap? Had a look on ford etis and it said 'less sync' on the minor features section just mentioned 'with bt/vc with USB interface'
  14. I think mines the opposite of what you mentioned, as the screen which came with the sony has sync as one of the menu functions, where as I think my focus is just Bluetooth with USB :/