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  1. New Engine In C-Max - Wont Start

    Hi- thanks, will have to look into that- thought there was only a sensor on the crankshaft pulley though?
  2. New Engine In C-Max - Wont Start

    fogot to add, it turns over ok, just wont fire up
  3. Hi All, quite new to the forum and was wondering if anyone could help on this one. I bought a poorly C-MAX and had a new engine fitted - the engine has all gone in nicely -(along with a new turbo, DMF and Clutch!), but the !Removed! thing wont start :-( Its a 1.6tdci - put it on diagnostics and it throwing up the the following error code: U1900 CAN Communications Bus Fault - Receive Error B902. Now, i now the U1900 is ECU/CAN Network related, but does anyone know what the last part relates to (B902)? I'm hoping maybe something hasn't been plugged in but trying to trace it is proving tough at the moment. any help would be much appreciated! :-)
  4. Ford Newbie!

    Hi All, newbie ford focus c-max owner here - this will be my 4th Ford (previous models include a Ford orion, fiesta and a 1987 Ford Granada Auto sans Power steering!), and car number 98 since i started driving when i was 17 (i'm 34 now). The one i've just bought has just had a new engine fitted and having some problems getting it started so just waiting to be able to post a new topic in the correct forum - does anyone know how long it takes for the restriction on posting new threads takes to be lifted? Karl
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums kstaplet :)