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  1. Fiesta Paint

    with the Melina blue refence I was able to find/see some pics on google of different Melina blue -cars that is pretty close to what I'm looking for now i have the paintref codes in the db I can "tackle my supplier to get.mix me some paint tkx a lot , that was very helpful
  2. Fiesta Paint

    I checked this seems very close to the colour i'm looking for thanks , now thta way I have the codes form the paintref db
  3. Fiesta Paint

    OK thx Mehul now i know what i'm looking for because on the internet the colours cannot be reproduced
  4. Fiesta Paint

    thx Sweeney No it was Ford factory paint nothing special, car was bought new form Ford dealer in that colour i'll browse your link
  5. Fiesta Paint

    My bro had between 195 and 1999 a Fiesta with a rather special colour : it was dark blue but sometimes it had a purple taint depending on how the light fell on the body . if I remember well it had like gold specs in it Can anyone tell me the name / and colour code for this paint ? I know there was later another colour like it but that was less purple like and didn't have the glod specs in it can anyone help
  6. Greetz Fm Antwerp Belgium

    Hi all I'm Prosper Ysbeer I'm a Ford driver since about 15 years had an few old style Mondeos, then a focus I clipper, since 2009 i have a focus clipper Titanium 2.0, 136 BHP - currently 100.000 m on the clock Selected Ford because my dad had one then my bro had several fiestas, focus and mondeos I'm also into oldtimers currently classic Mini , and a LR defender in a short while I hope to ad an anglia an a cortina to my collection apart from oldtimers I love skiing and beer cheers
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums prosperysbeer :)