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  1. Update: The Water pump failed, seal gone, all gone wonky, undriveable... =[
  2. Yeh fresh leak, and cheers, will give it a going over at weekend, doesnt look like it is overheating
  3. Hey all, Whilst at work yesterday, I was told that my car had some odd fluid leaking out of it, After work I had a nosey and saw this... This looks like it is on the side of the oil sump (Not a mechanic, not too sure!) And one of the pics shows it could be coming from the oil filter (again, I think thats what it is!) Kinda looks like bird s**t =] Anyone have any ideas? I have done about 60 miles with this so far, and the engine still seems to work fine and oil levels seem ok, Cheers Dodge
  4. Cheers Dan, I replied over in the other thread, but for anyone else, just looking at jacking up the suspension, probably do my own body kit and some engine enhancements. Not much of a racer type more of a rat conversion. Although debating it, the car set me back 450, yet the suspension is 400 haha
  5. Cheers Dan, Sorry the page wasn't displaying the rest of the topics (hidden by ads!) Ah thanks, i'll look into them, And cheers for the heads up, although most who lower are after precise cornering, as fast as possible. whereas i'm not much of a racer, i'd like a little more acceleration but that's about it =]
  6. Morning all, Not entirely sure if this is the right place to post, but couldn't see any other areas! I've owned a few cars before now but never got into doing any customisation/mods, did bits on bikes a few years back but again nothing mega. I am planning to do some bits to my Ford Escort Mk 6, however instead of the usual lowering, fancy bumpers etc, I was looking to raise the suspension, chunkier tires, bit of a tune, etc, Where would I start looking for half these things?! Cheers in advance Dodge
  7. Hey all, New to this forum and Fords, Just got myself a Ford Escort Mk 6 and fancy doing some mods =] Dodge
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums DodgeRC :)