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  1. gjd

    Water Leak

    Well, I had a go last night, located the rubber pipe no problems and gave it a good old massage but think there is a serious blockage towards the part of the pipe that heads through the floor. Pipe is nice and soft at the end by the connection to the underneath of the heater bits but gets steadily harder the closer you get to the floor outlet 99.99% sure this is the problem as can see no evidence of water dripping out under the car therefore, think it is going to be a garage visit maybe - but at least I now know what the problem is and can't be ripped off as obviously before!! thanks for all your help!
  2. gjd

    Water Leak

    Thanks for the offer gemgem - only just read the message and was doing some more hunting last night, appears below link is exactly what I'm seeing so going to try it out:- http://ww.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/index.htm?t=42275 if I'm never heard of again, its because my head is stuck in the footwell........ :P
  3. gjd

    Water Leak

    cheers - I will give it a go! Thinking about it, must admit that I have never noticed any puddles of water under the car like you get on most A/C cars so you may be leading me in the right direction..... Any ideas as to how to unblock the pipe?!
  4. gjd

    Water Leak

    car does have air con but leak appears to happen whether on or off.....
  5. gjd

    Water Leak

    had a go with the watering can but all water just appears to flow off ok, none lying around or anything
  6. gjd

    Water Leak

    Hi there, wondered if anyone can shed some light on my problem...... Wife has a 2002 fiesta LX 1.25 that has a really bad leak inside that no one appears able to resolve, been going on for nearly 2 years now. Been into various garages but no real resolution, problem has always come back. Water appears to come from the centre console around the feet area out of the air con vents around feet area, especially if going around corners. No real pattern to it and water at times is warm, even hot We are not talking a few dribbles either, quite a substantial amount of water. No water reservoirs need regular topping up either so mystery deepens! Don't really want to have to spend £100s again on a fix that doesn't work so any self help tips would be greatly appreciated...... Cheers