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  1. Someone reversed into the back of my car (ford fusion zetec, 2010 reg) and have caused some damage to one side of the bumper. I will go to a few different places for quotes , but thought I'd ask here first, if anyone has any idea or opinion on how much I'd be expecting to pay for either fixing the damage or getting a whole new bumper fitted. It contains deep scratches and is also dented, too (though the dent not big, but deep). I won't go to main dealer as I know I will be ripped off....but will it be very expensive anyway?/ pics of damage posted below. Thanks in advance people
  2. Ford Manufacturer's Service

    hi thanks for your reply, I don't think it's a major, as I think the three sevices offered to me were: minor service, major service and then the manufacturer's service (so this would suggest the manufacturer's service is even one more extensive than the major service). Or perhaps I just heard wrong?
  3. I have the car booked in for a service, a very expensive one which the local Ford dealership is charging me nearly £250 for, a so-called "manufacturer's service". I was told on the phone that it is the most extensive service that they offer, can anyone tell me if that's correct and also what exactly this entails them doing (preferably a list, as I have searched high and low on the internet for a list of what the service includes but cannot find one believe it or not). Many thanks in advance :)