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  1. Egr Valve

    Sorry forgot to say im a mk3 owner, euro 3 as well so the egr is easy to find, clean and blank. If you do clean yours, i would blank it as well, but i know on later mk3's and mk4's this causes the engine management light to come on.
  2. Egr Valve

    Definitely have a go at cleaning it, then i would probably put some bg244 in and run a couple of tanks of bp ultimate or v power diesel. If problem still persists then you're probably looking at more than a dirty part. If the egr valve is really dirty, like halfing the airflow diameter through it, then i would give the inlet a clean as well. I cleaned mine yesterday and it had a couple mm of dirt in places and mainly just surface dirt, according to guides on the interweb that means the inlet is fine, was raining so i took that advice lol. Car felt better and gave less smoke on 50m test run (i did change oil, fuel filter and air filter as well). So yeah, potentially save your self a few hundred quid and get your hands dirty, trust me wear gloves lol.
  3. I known you've seen the cutting out topic a thousand times, but please bear with me lol. Couple of months ago the car cut out when i dropped to 4th at 60mph to overtake a lorry, power kicked in then litrally bang, loss of power then a few hundred yards i was holding up fast lane traffic coming to a stop lol. Started back up and got to where i wanted fine. I reckon a week up to that, the car started chucking out more black smoke, so seems like injectors. Basically in 4th gear upwards, if im at 2500rpm and floor it , just before it reaches 3 the car will cut out. But i came to actually find the car is fine if i stay below 2500rpm, for a to b its still ok. I serviced it myself yesterday (finished today), just waiting for my current tank to nearly empty and add some bg244. Took it for a run, feels smoother but in the higher gears would still cut out. But 1st to 3rd are back to how it was before the cutting out started, they had gone sluggish slightly, the black smoke has gone right down now as well. Now im not expecting the bg244 to fix it, my main question is, how long will the car be ok under 2500rpm, on what i think must be the injectors? To be honest, its all you need to drive within the speed limit. The car owes me nothing, purchased in 2013 for £1200, only thing thats gone wrong and been replaced is starter motor, passed its mot's with flying colours. I'm In the process of trying to save for a deposit on a house and a deposit on a newer car, so i want to run this in the ground for as long as possible, the car is on 169,950 miles currently. If it lasts 6 months that will be ideal, a year perfect lol. Anyone know the answer or give a rough estimate. PS: I cleaned the egr valve while servicing the car, so the cutting out isnt that. Also has the grey cam shaft sensor already fitted, i know the original black 1's caused cutting out
  4. Mk3 Tdci 130 Starter Motor

    Had it since august 2013 and at least 5 times a week, so 10 starts at least a week. Just got back and garage said the starter is gone but dmf is ok, £150 fitted, could of been worse lol
  5. How long should they last? Just that car wouldnt start, put a new battery in and aa think its the starter. The car had the dmf changed at 110k, on the paperwork for the job no starter was fitted with it, now on 166k so hoping the dmf hasnt caused the starter to go. The aa bloke said anywhere near my mileage its done well. My car had the original factory battery as well before changing this morning so it done well, car is 03 plate. About to take it to a garage and will probably write the car off if the dmf has gone, but its been driving lovely so hopefully not.
  6. Can Any One Help

    I test drove a 55 plate that done exact same as you've said. I thought the cars must be that slow unti l drove the 1 I have now. Possibly not looked after or driven corectly? Cars made in the last 15 years or so, actually need to be driven quite hard from time to time, allot people drive diesels just about ticking over, which over say 100'000 is no good. Plus being run like that will make it slower than 1 that has been driven harder more often. When i bought a fiesta st brand new, I asked ford on how to run it in, they said ''you dont, best thing to do is drive it like you stole it if you want it to perform like it should''.
  7. New Owner. Tdci 130 Mk3

    Fitted my own blanker that came today, the 1 that was in already was about 1mm thick, my 1 is 3mm. Looks allot better, the other 1 looked like a bit of metal found on the side lol
  8. New Owner. Tdci 130 Mk3

    Thanks for the advice. I'll change the panel filter, is due 1 by look of it. I think i'll leave other mods for now. I bought the car as a run around for a year or 2, but was shocked how good it was so decided to add some easy power with the bluefin. I'll probably end up doing the 1's you suggested bit by bit though, as i found with my fiesta st, once you start tuning its hard to stop lol
  9. New Owner. Tdci 130 Mk3

    also the part you put the block in, didnt have bolts it had screws. Bluefin is on, first 20 miles were normal apart from you could tell turbo kicked in sooner. After about 25 miles it started to pull allot more, only could see a puff of smoke every time i booted it in passenger door mirror. mpg went up from 47 to 53 as well. Pretty pleased i got it now, was a bit worried, my mate put bluefin on his fiesta st, kept cutting out while he was going along. Got no complaints with it on the mondeo now though, easier to drive, faster, little added smoke and better mpg. Maybe if i was nit picking im sure it sounds louder stationary now, more diesel clatter, would that be normal?
  10. New Owner. Tdci 130 Mk3

    To me it looks like its been blanked already, but with something thinner than 2mm steel, i stuck a tooth brush up bottom of the valve, no soot just the surface is like oil. Installing bluefin in a mo now lol
  11. New Owner. Tdci 130 Mk3

    Thanks mate! I've got a bluefin coming today, if i put that on and then blank it will that effect anything? The blanker is coming in couple of days
  12. New Owner. Tdci 130 Mk3

    Where is it located? I've on google for location but cant find anything for mine, found a vid on youtube but my bay looks different
  13. New Owner. Tdci 130 Mk3

    Its a 6 speed. I'll have another look through the invoices of work done to the car, quite a few lol. What does the solid blanking plate do?
  14. Having owned a Fiesta ST mk6.5 that had 182bhp (focus st fast), i was expecting the mondeo to feel boring. I'm not saying its as fast, but i think compared to a standard ST, theres not allot in it for me. I didn't have a bad ST either, bought it brand new and it made over 160bhp standard on 4 dyno's. My mate thinks the mondeo is mapped how fast it feels, another i drove felt slower, especially in 4th and 5th. But every diesel i've seen mapped smokes loads (heard these do as well), my car doesn't smoke allot at all. It has 148,000m on the clock, but its had flywheel, turbo, injectors, flexi pipe, gearbox and clutch all changed within last couple of years, had a service every year since 09. It runs soo well, I've done allot of motorway and town driving, without really eco-driving and im getting 48mpg. Full leather, climate control and come with an awesome parrot system, which plays my music through bluetooth, so no annoying aux lead hanging out the glovebox. Few stone chips, leathers a bit worn. Also today i had to take the middle section of the heat shield off, hit a ridiculous pot hole, should of had a bridge going over it to be honest. Ordered a pollen filter, the blowers give off an awful smell, checked the filter and it looked pretty manky. But for £1200 i don't think i've done too bad. I used to moan about diesels, used to say there's no fun in not dropping gears, this car has more than changed my mind. The comfort as well is awesome, 2 hour drive did nothing to me. Couldn't say the same after 2 hours in a lowered fiesta, with a a full system (even with resonated cat back) in your ear the whole time at 70. I had the full leathers in the ST as well, the mondeo's are soo much better. Everyone i've had in it has been shocked how good overall the car is, especially speed and comfort. I'm tempted to map my car, never would normally use bluefin, but most forums i've read say its good on the tdci, just gives off quite a bit of smoke, which doesn't bother me to be honest. Unless anyone can tell me any disaster stories I'll probably get it done
  15. Welcome to the Ford forums benessex89 :)