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  1. MK8 Fiesta - issues with build quality

    Ordered mine in July for delivery in October, initially went for titanium spec with reverse sensors for £200 but added camera as it was only £50 more, dealer rang to say there had been a mix up ( by ford not them) and sensors were not fitted, he gave us a couple of options, we could reorder the car with correct spec for delivery in DEC, or take the car and they would fit the sensors, we chose to take the car, the only problem would be that the proximity sensor wouldn't show on the camera, when we went to collect the car the dealer gave us an extra two years on the warranty, fitted the rear sensors foc and we received a cheque for £200 from ford , can't say I've noticed much difference when reversing as I find the camera a lot better, had no issues as yet of any problems as reported by the op, I too think its a vast improvement over the mk7.5
  2. Photo needed

    Thanks all, I bought a spare wheel some time ago, I forgot my car doesn't need a jack, I think it came with the wheel, hopefully it will fit the new car
  3. Photo needed

    Hello everyone I wonder if someone would be kind enough to post a picture of how the tyre inflation kit,jack and all the other bits and pieces are stored in the foam container that sits in the wheel well, im collecting my new fiesta on Saturday and, being fussy I would like to have all the bits and bobs in the correct compartments Many thanks Its the 2013 ecoboost fiesta
  4. New Fiesta, whos got one?

    I've ordered one, not due till October though...
  5. Advice for new owner of Fiesta 2013 1.0 EcoBoost

    City pack added power mirrors and rear sensors, if yours doesn't have this then they won't fold automatically
  6. Me and the Oil Filter Are Having A Disagreement :(

    Knock a screwdriver through the filter and it should give more leverage to to turn it, it will be messy so have a container to catch any oil
  7. Jack

    I recently bought a spare wheel from a breakers over the internet, I rang before purchasing and the guy said it was from a 2010 fiesta ( mines a 2013 ecoboost) and it will fit, which it does, however, the jack is not the scissor type it is a sort of single lift type ( not sure of the correct technical term, but anyone with this type of jack will know what I mean), I have tried it on the car and it seems to fit but I dont want to fully lift the car just in case I damage it( the car) anyone advise if this jack is OK or should I invest in a scissor/bottle jack,
  8. Axle stands

    Just to be on the safe side you could also leave the jack in position as well as the axle stands or even put the spare wheel or your tool box under the car so if the worst happens, the car will fall on them rather than you
  9. Tyres

    Yeah maybe fuel economy isn't a main factor too much ,I think I want a quiet tyre I don't want to fit another tyre and find it noisy after its too late, I don't find the continentals too noisy ,but reading the decibel figures the ones on my car come out at 71 decibels I have seen others a few decibels lower, just wondered if it would make much difference, BTW ,price isn't a deciding factor either.
  10. Tyres

    Just over17000 miles in 3years,
  11. Tyres

    I've only got the standard tyres on a 2013zetec 195/55/15 not interested in any sort of performance tyres mainly quietness and maybe economy.
  12. Tyres

    Sorry if this might be a bit of a dumb question, I soon will have to get 2 new front tyres, I'm wondering if to stick with the continentals that came fitted from new, or to go with something else, I obviously want a good safe tyre but reading the tyre labeling the continental tyre has poor rating for fuel economy and noise whereas there are others ( pirelli,Dunlop ,Michelin) that are better on all counts , any thought's?
  13. Battery charger

    Cars coming up to 3 yrs old battery on car since new , car always starts fine
  14. Battery charger

    My 2013 fiesta,s stop start system does not cut in at all , in January I had a dash cam installed( professionally), but I think the main reason is our change of use of the car, my wife used to use it everyday for work but as she changed jobs last year she no longer uses the car and uses the bus instead, now we use the car twice a week although I try and give it a blast down the dual carriageway when we do use it, so my real question is can anybody recommend a trickle battery charger that can be left safely connected for a few days and not damage anything on the car ?
  15. Ecoboost Titanium - new pride and joy

    That's a really nice colour