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  1. Gem Module Help!

    A 5 door GEM module would make your door open light come on in the dash if used on a 3 door car. However i can't see where it says that it's a 5 door version in that ebay ad.
  2. Gem Module Help!

  3. Mk 6 Weird Starting Problem

    I had the exact same problem on my 2003 Fiesta. It turned out to be the crank case breather pipe (think was torn). It especially gets annoying when the weather is cold as i remember! Hope that's of any use to you :)
  4. Gem Module Help!

    Hi, i changed mine on my previous car last year and it worked! Basically you have to get any GEM module that ends in C(followed by another letter) or D(followed by another letter) E.g. i bought Gem module 4S6T-15K600 DB However if you want an alarm you would have to get one ending in D(x) and buy extra things to make the alarm actually work (I never bothered with that!) Look around on ebay and message car breakers who may have it. Then its a simple case of switching it and getting a Remote Key! :)
  5. Cold Start Issues And Clutch Problem 1.4 Zetec 2003 Help! :(

    Yes the biting point it high. However that is not the issue. When i change gears. Espicially from 1st to 2nd it feels very clunky, therefore i have to rev more and release the clutch slower that usual. Maybe this is common in fiesta's of this age :)
  6. Cold Start Issues And Clutch Problem 1.4 Zetec 2003 Help! :(

    I took the throttle body out of the car and thoroughly cleaned it. And actually now that you mention it when i replaced the air filter before i kind of squeezed it in because it was not going in nicely. I will take it out and try again ;)
  7. Cold Start Issues And Clutch Problem 1.4 Zetec 2003 Help! :(

    Thanks for the reply. :) I checked the wiring and it seems to be fine. I have also connected the car to a computer and no fault codes have be found :(
  8. Cold Start Issues And Clutch Problem 1.4 Zetec 2003 Help! :(

    Update: i cleaned the Throttle body, yet the problem still persists. :(
  9. Hi guys, I have a Fiesta 1.4 Zetec 2003 and it is slowly driving me crazy! When the car is cold the car does not start on first attempt, if i start it, it will die, i have to rev the car and hold the revs until the car warms up. If i release the accelerator it would stall again. I have to let go of the accelerator extremely slowly and hope it revs back up!! Sometimes even after successfully releasing the accelerator fully, if i tap the accelerator, revs drop and it stalls. And even once the car is warmed up and being driven for a while. I get to my car park and as soon as i shift in reverse and move, it would stall again -_- This is an extremely annoying problem when i'm in a rush for work! I have done a full service and replaced HT leads and coil pack recently. Any Ideas?? Also when i get the car running, releasing the clutch after shifting gears feels very clunky, especially when shifting from 1st to 2nd gear. However if i rev excessively and let go of the clutch it would be somewhat smooth. Does this mean i need a new clutch? HOPE SOMEONE CAN HELP!! :D THANKS!!
  10. Fiesta 1.4 2003 Cold Start Help!! :)

    I took the car for an MOT today and the mechanic said the problem is due to an induction leak. It costs £130 to fix!!! Does anyone know what this means so i can fix it myself?
  11. Fiesta 1.4 2003 Cold Start Help!! :)

    How would i check this ??
  12. Fiesta 1.4 2003 Cold Start Help!! :)

    Thanks for the quick reply! I have already changed the coil pack, spark plugs ad HT leads. And serviced the car
  13. Fiesta 1.4 2003 Cold Start Help!! :)

    Petrol model
  14. Fiesta 1.4 2003 Cold Start Help!! :)

    And also there are no fault codes. So i doubt its a sensor.
  15. I have a fiesta 1.4 2003 zetec. When the engine and weather is cold, usually the morning. It is difficult to start the car. It starts but then immediately cuts out. The second time i would start it and rev slightly and wait until the engine gets warm (if i do not rev the engine would cut out again) After it is warm the engine is fine. This is extremely annoying when I'm in a rush to work! Any ideas why this is?