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  1. 2007 C-Max 2.0 Zetec (Petrol) Manual

    BMW's?! Posh F**kers :P
  2. 2007 C-Max 2.0 Zetec (Petrol) Manual

    I didn't know either. Round my way they are all Skoda's.
  3. 2007 C-Max 2.0 Zetec (Petrol) Manual

    I was just comparing the figures between my 2.2 16v Vectra and the 2.0 16v C-Max... makes interesting reading! C-MAX - 142Bhp Vecta - 144Bhp C-MAX 0 to 60 - 9.5 secs Vectra 0 to 60 - 9.8 secs C-MAX - 38MPG Vectra - 30MPG Both are insurance group 21. C-Max has cheaper tax due to (much) lower emissions. I'm pleasantly surprised that many of the stats are comparable, yet the C-MAX has the smaller engine, is heavier and still makes it to 60 before the Vectra and using less fuel!
  4. 2007 C-Max 2.0 Zetec (Petrol) Manual

    I have drawn their attention to that What Car article, so I will see what they say. My C-MAX doesn't have a 6 speed gearbox, so I wonder if that is correct.
  5. 2007 C-Max 2.0 Zetec (Petrol) Manual

    They must be spying on me as they've just replied... Dear Mr Mxxxxxxxxxxx, Thank you for your email. Please accept our apologies for the delayed response. With regards to your query I have spoken with our product specialist who has advised we certainly did offer the 2007 C-MAX in both manual and automatic transmissions. There is no specific reason why the manual version is less prevalent in the used car market than the automatic version as this out sold the automatic derivatives on the 2007 C-MAX. I hope this information has helped. If you do have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me. Yours sincerely, Andrea Gifford Ford Information Service So there you have it, the Manual version out-sold the Auto originally.
  6. 2007 C-Max 2.0 Zetec (Petrol) Manual

    Ford haven't bothered replying so far, so no updates on that front! Really enjoying the C-Max though, drives like a dream!
  7. 2007 C-Max 2.0 Zetec (Petrol) Manual

    I've had Vauxhalls for years, from 1.2 Corsa's to 2.0T Coupe's. After the experience I had with the chain driven Z22SE engine, I didn't want another Vauxhall! I had a Diesel Escort for a bit while I was commuting between Kent and Berkshire, got over 500 miles to a tank on that beast! Anyway, the C-Max is perfect for my little family and it drives and handles brilliantly.
  8. 2007 C-Max 2.0 Zetec (Petrol) Manual

    I have a 2004 Vectra previously, the 2.2 SRi. It blew up, and is currently on Ebay as spares or repair! I can't compare them as they are two very different beasts, lets just say I prefer the C-Max. The tax that is on there at the moment runs out on the 31st Aug and is £195. Not sure what this years is, I believe it may have changed in April? Possibly £200. Which is still cheaper than the Vectra. I've emailed Ford to get some more info.
  9. 2007 C-Max 2.0 Zetec (Petrol) Manual

    Picked her up at 11, first 30 miles driven and I'm happy so far. Stereo system is really good lol
  10. 2007 C-Max 2.0 Zetec (Petrol) Manual

    Oh no, I'm sure it wasn't. But there is very little info about the manual 2.0L's out there. Anyway, not to worry. Car will be ready for collection tomorrow
  11. 2007 C-Max 2.0 Zetec (Petrol) Manual

    Could it be something to do with being an ex Ford demonstrator? I couldn't find any 2l manuals for sale anywhere else.
  12. 2007 C-Max 2.0 Zetec (Petrol) Manual

    That's what I thought, so I set about trying to find out about the manual and drew a blank. That's why I signed up here, to ask for info. Its definitely a manual though, I test drove it! :)
  13. 2007 C-Max 2.0 Zetec (Petrol) Manual

    Pic of the little man giving it the seal of approval...
  14. 2007 C-Max 2.0 Zetec (Petrol) Manual

    Cheers :) Can't wait to pick it up. Just in time for the bank holiday weekend too B)
  15. 2007 C-Max 2.0 Zetec (Petrol) Manual

    Strood Motor Centre. Purchased for £5k.