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  1. Loss Of Power In My Mk1 Ford Focus

    i have a friend who has his own little garage, he very handy to know as he got a snap on ecu reader, last time he check it ws working ok but after reading up different storys, am putting my money on the cat, in the isle of man, you dont need to have a cat to mite just go for a de cat, will that send the ecu reading funny for the o2 stuff lol, clutch feels fine mate but thank you all for you help
  2. Loss Of Power In My Mk1 Ford Focus

    new plugs ive put in to, just had a look at the cat, give it a shake and there sounds like something is shaking inside that, i know that not normal lol, could explain why it struggles, the air is not flowing right and reading someone else's topic, everything is the same, no engine light on or anything
  3. got a little problem with my ford focus, car starts fine, it goes fine, does not splutter of cough and runs, but it feels like it lost some power, it is a 2000 1.6 focus, it struggles going up hills, ive dont all the leads and coils and spark plugs, noticed abit of oil on one of them but am sure thats not the problem, fuel filter fine air box is fine, any ideas cause its confusing me, ive just put new standed ford focus wheels on which are 15" and new tyres, which are 195/65/15 and it just happend soon as i did that, so thought it could be the drag from wheels but i very much dout it any ideas you kind people thanks
  4. Focus Will But Not Start

    that will be my next check is the fuel pump
  5. Focus Will But Not Start

    the car will not start at all now, its turning strong but will not turn over and start up, i cant hear the fuel pump start up but it kinda hard to hear unless i get the wife to try it first, ive had a fuel pump gone in a nissan before and the car was only just about running for a few miles and then it went, thinking it could be an mobiliser problem but how do you sort that out, again ive had the same problem with a nissan i had, could woulden start up cause of the mobiliser but i got a new key fob and programmed and it was sorted
  6. Focus Will But Not Start

    hi all i have a 2000 1.6 focus, today my wife got into the car and did the normal play school run, she dropped the kids off and got back into the car and it woulden start, checks she diden, key out and turn fob on and off and still nojoy, the car just turned over a few times and just stopped, she tryed turning it over and it kept turning over but still no joy and she tryed again and it started fine. did her normal run back home and left, it, got in it to go to work and diden the same thing, just kept turning over, after a couple attempts she fired up fine. the car has had new coil and ht lead, but not spark plugs, there the next thing i need to get ive not had the chance to listen to the pump and all that so any ideas what it could be, like i said, it fired up after a couple attempts, had replaced the battery in key fob to thank all
  7. Ford Foucs Loss Of Power And Shuddering

    the engine light is now off
  8. Ford Foucs Loss Of Power And Shuddering

    hi all ive replaced the coils and the car seens to be running fine but the fault light is still on, is this cause the fault is recorded in the ECU and i need to get it plugged in to turn it off cheers
  9. Ford Foucs Loss Of Power And Shuddering

    yes, ill blame that date lol, always before xmas
  10. Ford Foucs Loss Of Power And Shuddering

    grrrr fook sake, xmas comes and everything fooks up, can only afford to buy coil, the car just sitting then till i get the coil, so hopfully there ok, lol rant over, just having a bad day
  11. Ford Foucs Loss Of Power And Shuddering

    i thought it was ht leads so ive replaced them first lol so ill be buying a coil tomorrow
  12. hi all new to the foucs stuff, i have a 2002 focus and all of a sudden there loss of power and abit of shuddering, my wife was driving it lol. i thought it could be the ht leads so ive replaced all them but still doing the same, could it be the coil then, if i take plug number 1 out, the car will start but it will not start if plug 2 out or plug 3 out but it will start if plug 4 is in, am i correct in saying its the coil thanks all
  13. Humming From Front Wheels

    cheers guys, will get it done when i get a chance, it will P**sing me off this, i got the car for a grand and had it for 2 months and it dont 2 set of bearings, the car a none ABS would it make a diffrents putting a ABS bearings in, ive not dont that
  14. Humming From Front Wheels

    looking at this this is the very same thing whats going on with mine, will try this when i get a chance to do it http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20121206022008AApAWIx