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  1. bart42

    Miles To Fill-Up

    ok took the car out for drive around and it seem to have slowed it right down.the only problem now is when i started the car the yellow engine mangement light wouldn't go drives might disconnect the battery in the morning and see if that helps.fingers crossed
  2. bart42

    Miles To Fill-Up

    UPDATE:mechanic came done the starts fine now total bill 280 QUID....the part came from does the fuel pump sender need to settle has the digital readout for fuel keeps going down.??looked under car no petrol leaks nothing.
  3. bart42

    Miles To Fill-Up

    an extra £70....... :(
  4. bart42

    Miles To Fill-Up

    well the mechanic came this morning.couldnt do the job has the inspection hole was a fraction to its going to be taking the tank off and doing it that way.and thats being done on tuesday now... :(
  5. bart42

    Miles To Fill-Up

    at the moment the car is on the drive.going no where.did some googling on the net for mobile car mechanic's in the area and came up with his chap who's been doing it for 30yrs.gave him a phone call,gave him details of car and he quoted me £200.£150 for the fuel-pump and the rest for his services....
  6. bart42

    Miles To Fill-Up

    well the fuel-pump went on the car,thought i'd run out of petrol phoned RAC.did all his checks and came up with the fuel pump not working at going to get quotes from mobile mechanics..... :(
  7. bart42

    Miles To Fill-Up

    how can i get rid of a sticky float???
  8. bart42

    Miles To Fill-Up

    ok put £20 in yesterday taking it up to just under half a tank.with 134 to petrol on the digital display. now 49 miles later doing a few short journeys school run,wife need running about.taking son to and from college.the petrol light has come on at 50 miles remaining to fill up with petrol.also noticed the digital display for the miles to petrol sign keeps going down,then later it go's back a false reading???
  9. why on the display for the miles to fill-up.mine keeps going up and down.yesterday i had 78 miles to fill-up.stopped the car got out 10 mins back in the car and it was showing 45 miles to fill up ????
  10. bart42

    Oil Grade

    thanks for replys i'll get some oil 2morow..... :)
  11. bart42

    Oil Grade

    want to top the oil up ,high milege car,which oil grade should i use??? :)
  12. bart42

    Bonnet Release Catch

    OK update on the bonnet release.yesterday phoned a garage about the bonnet,chap on the other end said get a new key cut...9/10 the key blades are this morning got a new key cut for £15 and low and behold it worked. :) :) saved me £150. :)
  13. bart42

    Running Between 50-60 Mph...

    sorry dude its petrol...