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  1. Well from I have seen there are three versions of the image attatched, a clear crystal, and then a black clear, and then a smoked crystal. I didn't know if there was any law on how much they are tinted, I'm specifically looking for slighlty smoked (If its legal) as it will suit the colour of my car (Magnum Grey). Regards -Ninja
  2. Anyone know the rules and regs on changing your fog lights before its an MOT fail. Want to make sure its right before spending money onsomething that will make it fail MOT Regards -Ninja
  3. New Alloys/tyres

    That's a relief with speed thing, will just have to source alloys now. Regards -Ninja
  4. New Alloys/tyres

    So I will loose 1 mph, at 60mph will actually be doing 59mph? not gaining? just want to make sure :) And surly that applies to all alloys not just the ST170 ones? Regards -NInja
  5. New Alloys/tyres

    Hello all, I am coming up to needing new tyres on all four wheels before the winter (1.6 Zetec 2003 Plate) so I come to the dilemma only had the car 6 months so thinking do I replace all the tyres or get alloys and new tyres :D as no point replacing tyres to then buy alloys in 12/18months. So I am looking for the ST170 Alloys for the MK1 Focus ST, will these be a straight swap will I need to go to the garage to get speedo re-synced I am currently on 195/60/R15's and I think these are 215/40/R17's what do will I need to put on the ST alloys, is it just to get as close to current setup as possible? Regards -Ninja
  6. New Round Here

    Hello all, have been lurking in the shadows reading the forums thought its about time I register and start contributing, I drive a 2003 MK1 Focus :) first car so everything is new :) Regards -Ninja
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums darkninja462 :)