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  1. Fordfocus Issues

    I have noticed it a bit smelly/burning and it is a bit sticky/slow at coming back up. They didn't inform me of anymore on water leak, just said they will need to proper look at it. My Focus is 2000 W reg.
  2. Hi, My car was in a garage this week to look at 2 issues I had with problems with exhaust and heavy/shaking steering when braking and hitting 50mph. The garage checked it out and couldn't find any issues, but found out that I have awater leak, no sure on total damge until they have a proper look and can then price up. What sort of water leak could this be? Also, they said my clutch is buggered, and quoted 150 for part and £400 labour. Is this reasonable price for a new clutch on a W reg Focus or is this over priced????
  3. Ford Focus

    Ok thanks for your help. I'm hoping to get it checked out in next couple of weeks, as have other issues with it. As I am travelling up to Lake Districit from Kent. Didn't want anything to happen whilst travelling up/down to there.
  4. Ford Focus

    Thanks for your reply, what could of caused these problems? The car has been lowered (Before i purchased it) would this be the cause i.e catching/scrapping road bumps or pot holes. Is this a serious issue i.e staff to drive especially long drives? Any ideas on cost?
  5. Ford Focus

    Within the last 18 months I have had a full new exhaust including rear box, centre exhaust, cat, manifold and gasket. But I am getting noises from it, when I rev the car, I get a sound like stones are inside hitting the inside of the exhaust and when i first start the car up, it sounds funny. It failed the MOT in June on emissions and needed a new breather pipe/hose. Any ideas what is the problem?
  6. Ford Focus

    Hi, I have a W reg Focus, I am experiencing heavy steering and car pulling to left a little and shaking when hitting 50mph or more. Could this be CV Joint/Gaitor. I've not long had alignment/balancing done by Watling Tyres and they said it could be inner gaitor or warped brake discs. I had MOT recently and it past and nothing was mentioned. Any ideas what it could be and how much?? Stucav
  7. Cambelt

    Could anyone tell me when the cambelt is due to be changed on a 2000 W Reg Focus. My Focus has done 68k miles so far.
  8. Re-programming key fob

    I am only hearing the chime after I do the turning of key to number 2 four times not after I do it once, I take it it is meant to chime after I do it once aswell??? Cheers, would you suggest to get another fob or try another battery???
  9. Rear brake light bulb

    ok thanks, I will have a look over the weekend to see if I can find the other screw.
  10. Re-programming key fob

    Yeah, I am hearing a noise, this is coming from inside the car. One of my mates said it should be coming from the engine, is this right??? Is it possible the key fob is fault and would it be best to buy a new one and programme that one???
  11. Front Bulbs

    I have tried moving the clips over the bulb, but notgoing anywhere. Should I be moving the clip up down or away from the engine???? Thanks
  12. Re-programming key fob

    Tried re-programming the fob, by putting the key in the ignigition and turning the key to 2, four times then hearing a noise then removing the fob and pressing a button then putting the key back in and turning the key to 2 again and off. But it is still not working, is there something i am doing wrong???? Thanks
  13. Front Bulbs

    Having problems changing the main head light bulbs on my focus 1.6 zetec, I have changed the sidelights but stuck with the mainlights. I'm having difficulty to move the metal clip hold the bulb in. Any suggestions. Thanks
  14. Rear brake light bulb

    Thanks for your help, I take the other screw in behind/under the plastic inside the cars behind the light. Take it I will have to pull it back a bit to get to the screw????
  15. My Focus

    A few pics of my Focus