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  1. Hi all, Firstly, I must stress how inept I am with the workings of a car so please bear with me. I have an 02 reg Focus Zetec 1.6 and a problem started a while ago where I needed to pop oil in on occasion as the oil light would flicker. Being the idiot I am, I kept this going as a routine through ignorance and fear of costs if I took it to a garage. I should add that the only amount of oil I was putting in was one or two litres at a time. Today, the car decided to puff out blue-ish smoke when changing gear and ultimately the engine working light came on with the car 'juddering'. I checked the dipstick level and saw that it was low to non-existent so bought some oil and topped it up to the required level. This caused the light to go off so I drove it home, about 5 miles. During this drive home, the engine light came back on, along with enough smoke out of the exhaust to make it look like it was driven by a clown (feels like it was...). I have re-checked the oil level after letting it stand for a bit and it seems fine but the warning light is still on and the engine is spluttering and struggling. Obviously it is damaged and it needs repair but can anyone give me a heads up on what to expect a mechanic to diagnose so I don't look as daft as I feel? I'm a bit short of cash and can only stretch to about £200 as far as any repair goes. I also rely on a car for work and kids. All help and assistance is much appreciated. Thanks in advance Scott
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums widefrog :)