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  1. Hi guys, Im looking at buying a milltek exhaust. not the full system just the box and tailpipes. I plan to declare all the mods on my car when it comes to insurance however, when looking at insurance by adding the exhaust it increases my annual premium by heaps! in one case it was £2000. do you think it would be wise to declare this mod before i get insurance for my car or to get insurance and then ring them up and tell them im having it fitted. Hope this makes sense! if anybody has any suggestions to insurance companys that take on modified cars at a relatively cheap price it would also be gr8ly appreciated Cheers.
  2. Mk7.5 St Diffuser On Mk7 Fiesta

    i know somebody that does wrappng and could potentially get the bottom valence wrapped carbon fibre? thoughts? The car is black btw
  3. Mk7.5 St Diffuser On Mk7 Fiesta

    I've just bought the diffuser so will be fitting it as soon as possible. I'll have to paint it first though. Do you think this would be easy enough to paint myself or send it to a body shop?
  4. Hi guys, Been looking at buying a mk 7.5 fiesta st rear diffuser however would it be possible to fit this to my mk7 fiesta metal? It looks like it would fit however, it's quite expensive and wouldn't want to buy it then find out it won't fit! haha Thanks
  5. Window Tinting

    limo is what i'm thinking. do you guys have any pics? I'm booked in to get just my back windows tinted because i thoight if i got the front windows tinted it would be a different shade from the back and would looks a bit stupid. it may look really nice tho but ive never actually seen it
  6. Window Tinting

    hi there, My cars booked in to get its back windows tinted tomorrow morning and im struggling to decide how dark i want the tint. any advice on which % of film is best would be appreciated. Cheers.
  7. Footwell Lighting

    thanks for the replies Ended up going for the one you suggested iNath, cheers
  8. Upgraded Headlights

    hey there, I'm looking to upgrade my car headlights/sidelights. I want to go for the xenon look, the white light with a tinge on blue however, I'd like this to be completely road legal and my car will still pass its MOT. I've been looking at HID's but have heard these are illegal? if anyone could recommend bulbs or give some advice on the topic it would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Footwell Lighting

    Hey guys, can anyone suggest good LED's for the footwell lights that will scatter the light rather than the light being directed to the one postion. Thanks
  10. Ford Fiesta Mk7 Dashboard

    Cheers for the reply! It is actually the Metal edition that i plan on buying. Therefore every dash will be the same colour I'm guessing? (black)
  11. Ford Fiesta Mk7 Dashboard

    Hi there :) I am soon to be purchasing a ford fiesta mk7, however I am unsure about the colour of the dashboard. There seems to be a black dash and also a bluey grey one. However, I'm not sure if this is just because of the actual photograph taken. I have attached a photograph of what i think is a bluey grey dash and one that is black. or is it just the actual photo that is taken ? are both of the dashboards in the pics actually the same colour?dc2.tiff deanscar.tiff If any of you guys could shed some light it would be greatly appreciated Thanks,
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums Thomson04 :)