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  1. Wipers Wont Turn Off

    Hi, got it 6 months ago. Got a 6 months warranty with it. A local car dealer (not main dealer). No problems dealing with the problem.
  2. Wipers Wont Turn Off

    Hi, I was just within my warranty period so got it done as part of the warranty. Seems to be an easy swap in job and reprogramming the key fob is easily done. I don't know what a dealer will charge for this but I cant imagine it is cheap. Its a shame that the relays cannot be changed anymore. Changing a whole unit because of one relay sticking doesn't seem right! Cheers.
  3. Wipers Wont Turn Off

    Hi, Got it sorted today. It was a relay which was sticking. Unfortunately this means changing the whole internal fuse board as the relays are fixed to the PCB. This means reprogramming the key fob. Also, it seems to take the new module a few hours to adapt to the car. Things like the temperature reporting -60 and reporting the bonnet as being open. However after a few hours this settled down. Cheers,
  4. Wipers Wont Turn Off

    Hi, I have a 2008 Ford Focus 1.6 TCDi. Last week the front wipers started to act up. The wipers are stuck on in the low position even when the ignition is turned off. The only way I can turn them off is to pull out the fuse. I can switch them between fast and slow operation but I cannot turn them off. I took the car to a local garage and they checked the motor and fuse/relay box. They found come corrosion on some of the contacts, cleaned them and everything seemed to work again. However, this morning when I went to clean the windscreen using the wipers, they stuck on again and once again the only way I could turn them off was to pull out the fuse. Has anyone come across this before. Any solution? Regards, Erich
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums emul01 :)